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Clarins Lip Palette in Summer Fever Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    March 03, 2015

    Feels good on but comes off very easily. Very beautiful colour.

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    May 22, 2009

    Pretty, slick, flat, bronze palette can fit fairly well in a purse. The glosses are made in Italy. Has a big mirror inside. Includes 4 wearable shades and 2 shades on the more wild side. The 4 wearable shades include a shimmery beige gloss, a shimmery pink gloss, a shimmery brick red gloss and peach shimmer gloss .

    I think the shimmery beige shade is perfect for day. Someone could wear it with nothing else (or a coat of mascara) for just a little understated sparkle. The pink was a little too pink for my tastes (it's a bit too girly), but I think it could work for a lot of people. The peach shimmery gloss looks really good on with my coloring, as did the beige. My coloring is fair with black hair and brown eyes. The shimmery brick red shade is quite bright even if I dab it on and try to apply it like a stain. I think it best as an evening shade. The peach gloss and the nude feel best, quite smooth and hydrating. Not sticky. The pink and the brick red, I felt the shimmer/glitter a little on my lips.

    On to the wild shades!

    There are two "swirled shades." One orange and red swirled gloss is in the upper left corner. The color is an orange gloss. Not too sure it's my shade. Too neon for day and too bold on my light skin. The swirl-effect (in the pot/in the palette) tends to go away upon repeated application. The second shade is a swirled pink and purple gloss in the lower right corner. This one can be applied in a more subdued manner. It looks a bit like a soft purpley-pinky mauve. Still not my favorite shade. It's too pink and too blue for my taste.

    Unfortunately, the "swirled shades," are the biggest shades in the palette. The second largest are my two favorites the shimmery beige and peach. The smallest are teeny-tiny are the brick red and shimmery pink.

    I'm a little torn on whether I would recommend it. I would pretty much only recommend it on the shimmery beige/nude shade (second on the left) and the peach (second on the right). That isn't great if the palette is $24.50. I like those colors a lot, but I picked fuhgeddabout it ;-)

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