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Warms to cleanse and exfoliate deep down-to-the-pores. Clean & Clear Warming Daily Pore Scrub instantly heats on contact with water and exfoliates to remove pore-clogging residue. The warmth helps the scrub provide a deep down-to-the-pores cleansing. This unique exfoliating scrub helps minimize the appearance of your pores while leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long.

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    May 17, 2010

    Warming Daily Pore Scrub Honestly, I was not at all happy with it I used it and tossed it right there. The thing that really bugged me when I used the scrub was that after washing and rinsing very well, I was left with this weird feeling on my skin, almost as if I had left behind a ton of residue from soap on my skin and it had not washed off well. No matter how well I washed it in those first few minutes the feeling would not go away. I left my skin alone for a few minutes though and after about twenty minutes the feeling went away on its own. Still, I did not notice any difference as far as my pores being cleaner than I did when I did not use the wash. As for the heating feature, I am not a fan.

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