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Clean & Clear

Clean & Clear offers acne and skin care products, treatments and medications. The brand was developed in 1957 with products that did not contain fragrancs and dyes and left no residue. Some of the most reviewed Clean & Clear products on ChickAdvisor include Oil Absorbing Sheets, Deep Action Cream Cleanser, Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser.

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Clean & Clear Reviews

CLEAN & CLEAR® Acne Triple Clear Clay Mask
I use this mask once a day, and it works wonders for my skin. It dries really quickly and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. The only complaint I have is that you need to use it for a bit to start seeing results. But once you start seeing them, it’s kinda worth it.

Clean & Clear MORNING BURST® Facial Cleanser
I used to use this face wash years ago but with all the hype of buying expensive cash washes I switched to another one. This super expensive cash wash was terrible for my skin and I just didn’t feel clean. But now I’m back to using this my skins cleared up and that morning...

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
I’ve been using this product since high school, I am now 28. It works the best. I’ve trie other brands/ off brands and the others either don’t absorbs as much oil or take my makeup off. These do don’t take makeup off and will absorb ALL OIL

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer
I bought this for my teenaged sons who were very resistant to using any "beauty" products of any kind. This at least looked plain enough that they were willing to give it a try. I suspected that their breakouts were being caused by simply not moisturizing after washing (in...

Clean & Clear Advantage Blackhead Eraser Scrub
This is a decent/average scrub option from the drugstore but its not the best and theres defintely other options that are much better for the same price point! It doesnt do anything for my blackheads and I dont feel much of a difference in my skin after using this.

CLEAN & CLEAR MORNING BURST® Hydrating Gel Moisturizer
I never took care of my face. The last few years I have been and clean and clear is important to start my day. Makes my face feel fresh and it helps me wake up. Best way to start my days!

Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser
This is definitely my favorite face foaming cleanser! I’ve been using this for 5 years now, the best to remove all heavy makeup! Wether it’s glitter or matte lipstick or simply just want to wash your face from dirt and oil! This removes it all nicely in a foaming solution. I...

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear Gel Cleanser
Just recently switched up my skincare routine. I had a baby and have been having issues with break outs so I decided to try the clean and clear acne triple clear gel cleanser. I have been using it twice a day for about five days now and I am slowly noticing a difference in my...

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser
This is my favourite face wash and I have been buying it ever since it first came out. It is very deep cleaning and I enjoy the tingling feeling it leaves. It is a little over drying for my skin, but this isn't a big deal. The cleanser is smoothing and gentle on my sensitive...

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
I had hear a lot of good things about this product so I wanted to test it out. However to me it was very disappointing. It definitely did work to some extent but not as great as everyone said it would.

Clean & Clear ESSENTIALS Dual Action Moisturizer
I absolutely love this product. It is my go to moisturizer. It has a nice cooling effect on the skin in the morning. It also helps the little pimples around the face. Would 100% recommend

Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser
Skin type: Combination. I struggled between giving this three or four stars. It's not a terrible cleanser, but it didn't seem to work as well with my skin type as what I was previously using and since I've found my ideal skin routine, I noticed some definite flaws in my skin...

Clean and clear acne wash
Purchased this face scrub about 3 months ago now , has a great exfoliating feel to it and leaves your face feeling very clean and fresh for the rest of the day

Clean & Clear CONTINUOUS CONTROL® Acne Cleanser
Acne is something I struggled with very about 3 years. I tried the famous proactive, but it destroyed my face! Drying it out , causing wrinkles and forming scars. I thought there was no hope for my face until I tried the Clean & Clear Acne control product. I am in love ! It’s...

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser
So this is a good product it gets me of my acne but it was really long it took weeks and the foams is really bubbling and i just didn’t like that i didn’t feel like it was really profoundly cleaning my skin but it still a good product