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    August 27, 2014

    When you think of organic products, you think wholesome, peaceful, flowery and you probably do not have imagery pop into your head that involves a skull and crossbones. Today's post may change that!

    I was sent a package of Death Wish coffee to review, along with a magnet and sticker- which my husband has stolen for his toolbox at work, and the first thought that popped into my head about this packaging was "Badass!" (pardon the language but I detail it in the interest of honesty). This coffee can not be found in stores, is touted as the strongest available in the world and offers at least twice the caffeine as your average cup of joe. Again, I'll repeat; badass!

    Just like anyone else who suffers from curiousity-killed-the-cat syndrome, I had to immediately make it the very second I got it out of the box. The packaging calls for 2 1/2tbsps of coffee per 6 oz of water, which I was pretty nervous about from the start because I thought it would taste like burnt beans and tar. As I scooped the coffee into the filter, I thought of Frankenstein's monster and tentatively considered what would happen once I turned on the pot via flick of the switch.


    I drank it. It was absolutely delicious! I was shocked.

    Then I drank some more.

    I tried this coffee both black and with cream and sugar, being incredibly impressed by the taste with each cup. There is zero burnt flavor whatsoever caused by their roasting process and I will say without the least bit of hesitation that it is far, far superior to the packaged Starbucks or Tim Hortons roasts.

    My husband, who is a caffeine addict, will regularly fight me on the need to purchase coffee on his way to work, rather than make it at home, "because it just doesn't taste as good". He loves this brew, says it has to be the fact that Death Wish is made with Robusta beans and not Arabica (which is what is typically found in commercial brands or coffee shops) and he has not purchased coffee elsewhere since we have had this in the house. Even doing the breakdown at their $20/bag, this will save us money every day.
    It has a smooth taste, with a bit of a spicy warmth as the finish and leaves no lingering flavour that causes one to just know they have coffee breath. I am sure I would with this one as well but am not left with that taste in my mouth.

    Each cup contains approximately 660mg of caffeine per 12oz but I did not find myself jittery or "buzzing" after two large ones. That being said, I used to work in a coffee shop and have built up such a tolerance that I can easily drink two pots of coffee a day without breaking into a (literal) sweat. My father, however, took a standard sized mug to go while visiting and called me later on that evening to let me know it gave him a serious case of the shakes. Be warned.

    In their FAQ section of the site, I found a bit of information that I really appreciated as a consumer and it may interest you as well. To quote;
    "Our coffee is roasted as close to the order date as possible. We do keep an overstock, but typically it is gone through in three days. Shipping through USPS priority mail is 2-3 days to most places. This pushes time from roast to delivery at 3-6 days. We take a lot of pride in that." I found that impressive and uncommon.

    More than just flavour, freshness and a serious energy jolt, Death Wish offers a 100% money back guarantee to make certain you are satisfied with the experience.

    I most definitely was.

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