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Dental Mouth Guards Reviews
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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    January 17, 2015

    I tried this mouth guard for several nights and each night was the same. It felt too big for my mouth and it was so uncomfortable. I quit after giving it 5 tries. It just wasn't worth the hassle of fighting with it.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 21, 2012

    I have been having bad problems with teeth grinding for years!I awoke every morning with headaches,sore teeth,neck pain and my teeth were starting to get flattened.I was desperate and bought on two different occasions mouth guards from the pharmacy section of local stores.I paid over $40 for each but thought they would be worth it.....I was wrong.

    They were both basically the same principle,you put them in boiling water and then mold it to your teeth.DISASTER!It was awful it was sticky,hot and didn't form around my teeth at all.When wearing them at night they were loose and so uncomfortable needless to say I stopped wearing them quicky after both occasions.

    I started getting the same symptoms and was slowly starting to push a bottom tooth back that really scared me as I don't want to lose teeth over this. But after reading up about teeth grinding/bruxism this can happen.I have never asked my dentist about it as I've heard custom mouth guards are very expensive.But I finally made an appointment a few months ago with my dentist.Its one of the best things I have ever done!

    After talking to her and she examined my teeth she checked it out and I had pretty close to 100% coverage..The molding of my teeth was so quick and easy and I was told they would send off the molds and I would receive my handmade mouth guard within a week.I also got to choose any color I wanted lol I choose blue..

    When I received my mouth guard they had me test it out in the office.You soak it in hot water for a few seconds until it softens up and then place it over your top teeth.It felt really snug and comfortable but I had to try it at night to really see if I could handle it as my dentist said that some people cannot handle wearing them.I guess because I tried those other horrible ones this one was like a dream.

    I have been wearing it every night it has really saved my teeth and the headaches,sore teeth and neck pain are gone!I do find myself waking up slightly sometimes grinding my teeth into the guard and it really scares me to see the teeth marks on the guard to think I was grinding teeth against teeth all those years.

    If your having problems grinding your teeth I highly recommend talking to your dentist do not waste your money on store bought guards a professional made one is like night and day.My dentist told me it is a shockingly high number of people that grind there teeth some people don't even realize and most keep doing it until they have severely damaged there teeth.Your teeth are so worth taking care of I'm so glad I did!

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