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Es Unico Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket for Adult and Kids Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 09, 2016

    If, like me, you immediately started heavy breathing when you saw this blanket, I can tell you that you should buy it! It's great quality, lovely soft wool and very comfortable. I can't wait to get more use out of it in winter!

    It's quite stretchy, so will fit all sizes, but if you are extremely tall you might end up with your feet right in the end (6" and over) and I can confirm it fits plus sizes as well as normal due to the back of the blanket being open (a very smart decision choice).

    The only way I could improve this blanket is I'd like to see the narrow end of the mermaid tail be elasticated and have the 'tail fin' section closed off so you can put your feet in there to keep them warm. As it is right now if you have very long legs and big feet (like my husband) your feet can feel a little squashed at the bottom of the blanket. Plus having a closed tail fin would allow you to put one foot in each 'fin' and complete the mermaid look fully. It's also a much cosier option than having it open.

    However, it's still a wonderful blanket and you all know how much I love a bit of whimsy in my life. Well this is whimsy +100. It's adorable and practical and really, I couldn't ask for anything more! Very cute and makes a great gift for anyone who likes mermaids. Kids will go nuts for this too.

    + Extremely cute and fun.
    + Kids will love it.
    + Wool is nice and soft.
    + Colour contrast is lovely! (Depends on color selected, I got Ocean Blue)
    + Stitching has no flaws and looks like scales/fins, by choosing the correct stitch for the right effect.
    + Fits all sizes (even plus).
    + Cosy.

    - Feet can feel a little squashed at the narrow end if you have long legs.
    - Tail Fin is a single piece of fabric rather than being an enclosed section.

    Note: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased, honest review as provided here. As a consumer advocate, I believe in providing quality and honest feedback and receiving a product at a discounted rate will never affect my opinions.

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