Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Single Electric Breast Pump Reviews

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Comfort Select Performance Single Electric Breast Pump Expects agree Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. You should take every opportunity to make breastfeeding easy and comfortable. The Evenflo Breast pumps do exactly that! Evenflo Electric Breast Pumps Feature: NEW! All components, including milk storage bottles are without BPA and contain less than 0.01%% phthalates NEW! Improved cycle time for more effective milk expression NEW! Improved vacuum performance at all settings between min and max NEW! Regulated power adapter ensures consistency in performance NEW! Includes an additional overflow valve! Valve color has changed to lavender NEW! More stable bottle stand to prevent possible spillage Includes: Pump unit, 4oz collection bottle, nipple cap ring, hood, sealing disk, 4- Pack disposable nursing pads & carry case.

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