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Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy Reviews

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    July 01, 2016

    This toy has it's good and bad points, but overall if your cats enjoy lasers then they will like this enough to make it worth buying. I once read somewhere that if cats are looking at something intently, even if they're not hunting, they're being stimulated. It's true that after a little while of play they will become bored with it and just stare it at from around corners, but according to science, it's still entertaining them!

    I definitely wouldn't recommend leaving this on all day, we all know cats become quickly bored. Instead, I bust this out maybe three times a day for ten minutes periods at a time and this seems to work a treat, especially for my one cat who tends to fixate on meowing and being annoying without actually wanting anything.

    There are a few negatives to this laser toy. It's loud, like quite loud. If you're noise sensitive, it's going to drive you insane, it can be very irritating if you're trying to work with a robo-laser noise in the background. It's on par with the noise of a blender in terms of volume.

    It's also repetitive. I find it has enough of a movement to the pattern to stop it from being too repetitive, but a very clever cat might become bored.

    It can be hard to find somewhere to put the laser that it isn't going to shine over objects and cause your cat to leap at furniture and I also worry about it shining in their eyes as unlike when I control the laser, it can't tell when it's directly on them.

    Other than that it's a good option, but mostly for the cat owner who's tried a LOT of toys and looking for something new to entertain cats who like to play with lasers.

    If your cat doesn't play a ton and has a lot of toys already that it still plays with, you can probably do without this.

    + Entertaining to cats who like lasers.
    + Auto-off function.
    + Can be manually adjusted to point higher or lower.
    + Movement is erratic enough that it doesn't bore cats immediately.
    + Design is sleek and fits in with decor.

    - Very loud.
    - Clever cats could become bored with this.
    - Shines in cat's eyes.

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