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Gatekeeper 2.0 Remote Control Reviews
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    June 25, 2016

    This little information protection device is definitely small in size, but large in power.

    In my industry, we have been hearing daily for the last few years about Cyber Risk and the troubles and costs associated with recovering lost or stolen information, details, and even identities!

    It is simple these days to forget your phone on the restaurant table, your laptop while you grab the coffee from the barista, or even for any of your devices to be stolen. You can be the average person, large corporation, or small home business – we are all at risk.

    The Gatekeeper is a tiny device that literally has the ability to lock your laptop or desktop as soon as you leave its proximity.

    There is a separate (included) battery that is quick to install (open the back, insert, close to back). It is a standard battery size, so can be purchased at most places that sell batteries. The lifespan is about 6 months once installed.

    The software is quick to download (and user friendly), and the manual can also be downloaded. I love these options, as there is no waste of a CD or booklet that will just be thrown out. The manual allows for you to search for keywords so you do not have to flip through each and every page to answer your questions or troubleshoot.

    You can clip the Gatekeeper onto the included lanyard for safe keeping. The lanyard ribbon itself was sewn a bit wonky (twisted), but that is just the seamstress in me being picky.

    There is a USB “key” that is plugged into the computer of your choice, and your journey to safety begins!

    I love that I do not have to type in my password every time I login into my laptop (computer of choice) just by wearing the Gatekeeper and having the USB detector in place. In the same token, I do not have to press CTRL ALT Delete every time I leave my computer!

    The USB device knows when you are in proximity, and works its magic (unlocks), and when you leave the area (locks).

    This is also perfect for someone who is constantly out and about with their laptops, has an inflow of customers or strangers near their computer station, and then some!

    If used at work, you can attach it to your key pass or any other keys you have, keeping everything together.

    I even got Husband stoked when I told him about the benefits of the Gatekeeper – he did not know such a device existed, and gives it two thumbs up.

    We also tested out my Husband cycling around the city, and I was literally able to track him on Gatekeepers App! This is amazing! And kind of creepy now that I have types this out – I really would not stalk my Husband, we just like testing products to their fullest!

    It is Similar to the location apps and tracking we have on our mobile phones. And works on both his Samsung Galaxy 5 and my Apple iPhone 5S.

    For businesses, there are a multitude of uses – such as employee tracking and some funky software programs for monitoring.

    This is such a versatile protection device – I would definitely recommend this for anyone – whether it be for personal or business use. We all need to protect ourselves a little bit more due to the personal data we keep on our computers, and also have items we would like to keep safe (and track without a monthly fee).

    *** I received this product at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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