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On the floor. in the sandbox. little gpants for every day. three great orange and three guppy green little gpants. perfect for romping around on the floor, playing in the sandbox or any time you don’t want to use your favorite colorful little gpants. use everyday little g’s with grefills or gcloth. when you use with gcloth and you’ll find they’re far less expensive than other cloth covers. now it’s easier than ever to stock up with the everyday g’s 6-pack.

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    February 28, 2012

    This was my first cloth diapering system. We had a full stock of smalls, but experienced frequent leaking. Once we moved to medium, the leaking was fixed for a couple of weeks, but the leaking started again, we tried all sorts of things, like stripping the diapers, but the cloths weren’t even absorbing anything, they had started to repel even water.

    I still love the bold, bright colors, but I wish it came in white. There’s a new taupe option, but my husband and I just like the simplicity of white.

    Because they are sized and not a one-size adjustable diaper, you have to basically stock three sets of diapers, even more if you have a large baby and a late potty-trainer. In addition, you only use the smalls for a couple months, if that, because they grow out of them so quickly.

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