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Itian Qi Wireless Charging Pad T200 Reviews
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    April 08, 2016

    When the USB charging port on my Nexus 7 died suddenly, I was really frustrated, and figured I would have to either pay to repair it or scrap the tablet altogether. Thankfully, someone suggested I check if it would work with a wireless charger. Now I wish all my devices worked with this thing, because it's an absolute luxury and I don't know how I went so long without one.

    Let's get the less positive stuff out of the way first: not all devices work with wireless Qi chargers, even some very recent tablets and smartphones do not support this feature, so PLEASE check before you buy this. My friend's Samsung phone, which is much newer than my tablet, does not support this feature unless you buy a special Qi charging case. While we're at it, this charger DOES NOT COME WITH AN AC ADAPTER and I really cannot stress enough that you need to make sure you have a 2A AC adapter for this to work properly. Of all the adapters I have in my house, only ONE is a 2A, so please check that as well before buying.

    Finally, if we really want to be picky, it can be a little finnicky lining this up with my tablet to get it charging. Most of the time it's super easy, but I swear sometimes I line it up perfectly and it won't charge until I wiggle it around a little bit. But that's probably on me and not the product.

    Okay, now that those things are out of the way, this product is amazing. I really cannot recommend it enough to people, and because of this product I'm always going to buy Qi charging compatible devices. It's just such a nice little luxury to just put your tablet down to charge and not need to mess with any cables or plug anything in. I didn't think I would really care, but it turns out I do. I hate plugging in my smartphone now, and this wireless charger is why.

    Out of the box it's super simple to use. Plug it into your AC adapter (2A, remember) and set it down anywhere you like. Your device sits on top, usually centered so the battery is right above the charger, and when the little light is blue you know it's charging. Some people said that it charged slower than when they plugged it into a charger via the USB port, but honestly I never noticed a difference. It seemed to charge my tablet at the same speed as any other charger.

    If your device supports Qi charging, buy this thing. The price is amazing, and it works perfectly in my experience. I've had no problems with mine, but it does come with a one-year warranty and other reviewers say that they've had no trouble replacing it should anything happen. This product really is a home-run in my eyes.


    -Wireless charging works well and charges at good speed
    -Easy to use
    -Simple and totally foolproof
    -1-Year warranty included


    -Needs a 2A adapter
    -Will make you hate your non-wireless chargers

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