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    September 09, 2014

    We have now had our unit for 3 years. Nothing but trouble and no help from Whirlpool the maker of it. I would turn on the oven to preheat and it would say it was preheating and then come back later to put food in and it would be stone cold. Called certified repair company- they sent two bumbling idiots who didn't have the sense God gave them to bring ANY parts (supposedly it was a fuse). It took over 2 weeks for them to order in a fuse saying it had to come from the states. It did the exact same thing3 weeks later- now just over the end of warranty but because it was an already established issue, we assumed it would be covered. WRONG!!!!! We were left on our own. So my husband, a licensed Master Electrician, replaced the same fuse that he got in 24 hours and it was fine again for a bit. The other issue is the heat extending around it when in use. Every bit of chocolate etc in my pantry next to it, melts. Even the brown sugar. That CANNOT be safe. again we contacted the company- no answers or help. Then this past week, I used the self clean (why have a self cleaning oven if you cant use it?!) and with 20 minutes to go on the fast clean cycle, it shut down and now door is locked and we cannot get power to it. This was a very expensive wall oven and I have loved all the features which is why we bought it but NEVER again. We are going after the manufacturer but I'm not hopeful.

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