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Magic Bullet Single Shot

151 reviews

This gets more use than our big ‘fancy’ blender. It’s so quick and easy to use and simple to clean. It gets used for everything from grinding dry ingredients or coffee beans to chopping tomatoes to individual smoothies. It always does it’s job well with no issues...
Alcan Aluminum foil

68 reviews

I for the most part, use the Alcan aluminum to wraps foods and cook on the bbq. The aluminum is stron enough that it does not rip. It cooks food well. It’s my go to aluminum foil and has been for many years.
Instant Pot 6qt, 6 in 1

37 reviews

I use my instantpot 4-5 times a week! I make meals, Rice, potatoes, and even proof bread in it! I used to have a 3qt, but upgraded to a 6qt as I needed more room for larger meals. Passed along my 3qt to my mom so she could have one. She uses hers just as often! Now I would...
Kitchen Aid classic Series Stand Mixer

43 reviews

We have had this mixer for over 5 years and its one of my favorite items in my kitchen. So helpful with mixing, and great attachments you can add on to it. Its solid and we have not had a single issue these last 5 years with it. Currently zucchini season in the garden and its...

1 review

Honestly my best recent purchase. I cook a lot and the instantpot cuts my cook time in half so I get to spend more time doing anything else. It's never been easier to make a meal consisting of 2 or 3 dishes!
Bosch kettle

1 review

If you like tea and drink different types of tea, you need to get this kettle. It had a very large capacity and yet, is easy to handle. The adjustment for the temperature is straight forward and the display lets you know what temperature the water is at even if not boiling. The...
Mackie Scientific Precision Food Scale

1 review

MACKIE SCIENTIFIC〰️C19 Precision Digital Food Scale is 🏆AMAZING🏆 I’m an avid baker but also my family needs to weigh and measure a majority of the foods we eat. My last scale needed to be replaced because it was making food preparation difficult and frustrating. I...
Nuwave Bravo XL

1 review

I really love my Nuwave Bravo XL home appliance. It's a toaster oven, Air Fryer, Pizza Oven and more. I've literally gotten rid of my toaster and toaster ovens and the countertop pizza oven. I love how I can get a full package of bacon on the air frying basket and air fry it as...
Vitamix Blender

1 review

If you're thinking about getting a Vitamix...Just take the plunge. They are such amazing kitchen tools, so versatile and they work like no other machine out there! They will last you years and years. Replacing parts here and there is cheaper than buying new blenders and the...
Breville The Mini Smart Oven

1 review

Excellent heat control, automatically remembers las settings and temperature used. It's a better option to bake smaller items like baked potatoes with than having to use your wall oven. Doesn't take up much space on the counter which is great if you have limited space...
soda stream fizzi

1 review

I wish I had bought this sooner! It's much more convenient to make the soda i want at home, than buying it at the store. I know the ads talk about keeping plastic bottles out of landfills, but I never bought plastic bottles. To me it's terribly inconvenient to carry home a 12...
Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

3 reviews

This is a beautiful coffee bean grinder. I love that it also matches my coffee maker while getting the job done. It’s so easy to always grind fresh beans with the ability to choose how many cups you are grinding for. I’m also able to use this to finely grind coffee beans to...
Insignia kettle

1 review

First time buying from this brand and super happy. On sale bought this from best buy for $20 and so far so good. Keeps the water warm good grip and it does not look cheap could pass for high end
DeLonghi microwave

1 review

DeLonghi microwave is really easy to use. It is a nice size not too small nor too big. It has multiple functions. Easy to clean. The glass tray comes out to clean as well.
Brita Russell hobbs kettle

1 review

Brita Russell hobbs kettle filters your water. It is great if you have new born and make bottles even good for them to drink once cold. Perfect for hot drinks, makes them taste better.
TEFAL opti grill XL

2 reviews

Grilliant product !!I received ( was a gift) this Tefal Grill from a good family friend ... at the beginning I was sceptic and I was thinking maybe i will not use ... but this one made my cooking experience very pleasant and much easier! It has been granted with many cooking...
Tefal everyday induction hob

1 review

The tefal everyday induction hob makes cooking on the hob is so much easier. With all different types of setting you can cook anything without burning even bacon comes out perfect crispy but not rock hard
Instant pot 8quart 6 in 1

4 reviews

I have been a user of instant pot since 2016 or 2017 when I was newly married. It made the transition well, was able to set it forget it and freeze it. Easy mealplanning and cooking. It's so easy to use.. the technology is great and good for those cheap cuts of meat that need...
Betty Crocker Can Opener

1 review

I was so fed up with the can opener that I had (in garbage now) It worked but it took forever to get the job done. Now with this one I find it so easy and I like the red colour. It was well worth buying.This one will work good and last a long time.
Betty Crocker 0.7L Classic Kettle

1 review

i love this little kettle! it is perfect for a single person and for small spaces. it is also perfect for both teas and pour-over coffee because of the design. there is no splashing or mess made by the spout and the lid is snug but not difficult to remove or put on. plus it...