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Lelo Lily Reviews
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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    March 04, 2015

    The sexual wellness vibrator is highly over priced and doesnt stand up. I had only had it for a couple of weeks and the silicone started coming undone around the base.I was disappointed that the product fell apart, as well the motor to the vibration could have been stronger

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    December 09, 2014

    The Lily is a clitoral simulator made by Lelo. It is made out of phthalate free ABS plastic, (it claims to have) 4 hours of charge time after 2 hours charge, 5 patterns and it comes in pink, purple or black.

    I bought the black Lily for about $150 and I have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed. My first real vibrator (I don't include those cheap ones you get in the drugstore) was the Mona 2 based off of Epiphora's review on her website (http://www.heyepiphora.com/2012/11/review-mona-2/). I love my Mona 2, but I wanted something smaller that was easier to get between me and my husband during intercourse and oral. I figured this was the next best thing and I couldn't go wrong sticking with this company based off my success with the Mona 2.

    First big con: this is not 100% waterproof. So it's a bitch to clean because you have to be careful of the port and the buttons. I never use lube when I use toys externally, so I don't have the problem of lube migrating to buttons and that. But you might need to use toy wipes if you want the Lily cleaned properly after a vigorous session. Also for me I don't generally use toys in the tub even if they are 100% waterproof, but I look for that feature so I don't have to worry about clean up and being careful with it.

    Second really big con: this toy *will* be dead the next time you go to use it if you haven't used it in a while. This is not like the Mona 2 where I can come back to it weeks later and it's still going strong. You have to prepare to have a planned session and charge the Lily up before you actually do anything with it. They say it lasts for four hours, but I get about an hour or so out of it. I tested it once and let it run continuously after having charged it and I think I clocked it in at 60 minutes.

    Googling the Lelo Lily you'd think this was Lelo's gift to women or something, every single review listed for it on the first page is super positive. It's no wonder I fell for it and ended up regretting spending that huge chunk of money.

    I did find it surprisingly strong for its size. It's very tiny, about the length of an index finger and about an inch wide I think. It does fit nicely between my husband and I, but when it comes to holding it in the right spot, it's so small that it's very awkward. And if your hand is covered with lube, good luck trying to keep a hold on it.

    In the end, this toy is just too small, and not strong enough for me. The battery life is also a really huge disappointment. For the money you pay for the Lily, it should have a long charge time and be 100% waterproof. I can see this working as someone's first vibrator, but honestly I think you can do better for the same amount of money. Mona 2 was designed more as a G-Spot stimulator, but it does beautifully nestled between the labia and I find it to be a perfect clitoral vibrator. It's also 100% waterproof and goes for the same amount as the Lily.

    If you're looking for something that is smaller and just as strong, I've heard the Lelo Siri is a better option because it's just a little bit bigger so it's easier to hold onto.

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