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L'Oreal Paris Men Expert BarberClub, Hair + Beard Styling Cream Reviews

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    June 10, 2020
    Ontario, Canada

    Loreal barberclub beard strengthening cream

    My hubby really enjoyed this Loreal barberclub beard strengthening cream! He has never tried any sort of beard cream before and usually uses a gel or mousse. He has been trying to grow out his beard for months now and the hairs go a little wild and curly in some areas. This L’oreal barberclub beard strengthening cream really helped tame his unruly hairs and gave them a nice healthy shine.
    This cream feels light and not greasy. Found it to be a light hold and doesn’t leave a hard residue where your hair feels crunchy. With oily skin it did not affect it and no breakouts from daily use. It feels like a face moisturizer when you apply it to your hand. A little goes a long way and you only need a little dab. Once applied to the hair it absorbs in very well and makes thick beard hair very tamable. When you wash your hands it rinses off in a second with no sticky feeling.
    He will continue to use this strengthening cream everyday on damp. He prefers it on damp facial hair and finds it’s easier to equally distribute it to the entire beard with a comb. On dry hair it doesn’t spread around as easily. The scent is light and manly with a nice aroma of cederwood. Cedarwood essential oils are used so it doesn’t give a fake perfumed cologne smell. Cedarwood can promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. It balances the glands that produce oils and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. So if you ever get dandruff in your beard this is a great cream to help combat it daily. What I found is if you use to much of the cream the scent will be a little strong, a little goes a long way.
    Love that this beard cream has no artificial colours! Artifical colours have toxins that can cause irritation and clog your pores. Last thing he wants is a breakout of acne or blackheads. There’s also no parabens or soap to strip the natural oils from the skin and cause serious skin reactions. This cream is great for all skin types and could even be used on your scalp to style.
    The packaging was very well thought of. The box is the perfect size of the cream with no wasted packaging. The box is brown and orange which I feel are perfect colours for men with the orange making it easier to spot on the department store shelf. What makes this beard cream feel luxury is the thick glass jar. Although the lid is plastic it is square and gives a good grip to open it.
    The only con we had about the Loreal barberclub beard strengthening cream is when you open the jar it looks like it’s half empty. I personally feel that the jar should be full. It’s already a small jar at only 50ml and when you open it you think ummm wheres the rest of the cream.
    He loves the light feeling on his beard with no greasiness. Once it’s applied you don’t notice it’s there and your hair looks polished and groomed all day long. I would get this one again and would like to try the rest of the barbershop line by L’oreal. I highly recommend this one to anyone with facial hair that enjoys natural scents.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 24, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    Pretty good product for average hair, with a strong scent.

    Firstly, I was a fan of the finish of this. It has a matte style finish and feels similar to a pomade or light wax in the hair. It works well to style hair or beards that need a little taming, but isn't strong enough to tackle thick or difficult to manage hair. I'd recommend it with anyone with medium thickness (or less) and tameable hair. Those with hard to tame or thick hair on their beard or head, might find a different one better.

    Since I have short hair, I frequently use men's product's, but I tried some of this on my partner as well. I wouldn't recommend this for use for short-haired women (but you do you!) simply because it has a very masculine, woody smell. I really like the smell and find it pretty sexy, but it is very strong, so if you wear a lot of aftershave or scent and don't want it to clash, this might not be a product for you. I'd describe it as medium hold, it holds well, but won't last all day or survive windy weather.

    Overall, it's a pretty good product for average hair, with a strong scent.

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