Luvs Diapers Big Pack - Size 3 (108 Count) Reviews


Luvs Big PacksPremium Stretch with Ultra Leak Protection Bear Hug Stretch premium elastic sides stretch to fit. Luvs@ helps stop leaks as well as the pricey brands. For great leak protection, all you need is Luvs! Some of the Great Luvs Features Include:-Bear Hug Stretch Tabs- Premium elastic sides stretch to fit-Blue Leakguard Core- Absorbent core you can see-Contoured Shape- Great leakage protection without the bulk-Cottony Soft and Great Original Scent- Feels soft and smells fresh-Blue Sides and Leg Cuffs- Stretchy to fit your baby-Blue Quilted Backsheet- A quilted design and cloth-like backsheet

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