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Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier Reviews


Mike Dooley delves into and goes far beyond his earlier works of "Infinite Possibilities" and "Leveraging the Universe," sharing his most advanced material to date. This program will take you behind the curtains of TIME and SPACE, revealing who you really are, how you got here, and why you chose this adventure. Manifesting Change encompasses the actual mechanics of every earthly manifestation, metaphysically and physically. You'll see, perhaps like never before, life's greatest truths, your unlimited power, and the vast potential that exists for you to begin immediately manifesting the changes you most wish to experience in your life. From theory to application, you'll learn the true ease and profound simplicity of hoisting up your sails so that they can be filled with the unfailing winds of the Universe in a journey you yourself will chart. Like the daily "Notes from the Universe," this material is designed to slip past your defenses, into your heart, and plant seeds that will blossom into understanding, action, and life changes. It will help you understand what your heart longs for and how to approach it, while propelling you forward with supreme confidence. By the end of your listening, you will be utterly convinced of your power, your worth, and the fantastic ease of commanding forces in the unseen that eagerly yearn to do your bidding.

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