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    September 06, 2012

    It comes in sleek, black packaging and I liked that I was able to see the product through a "peep hole" in the box. The Prime Time is also in a sleek, black container with clear viewing window on lid. Everything looks so sophisticated! Prime Time can be used as a primer for your eyes to prevent smudging and creasing, while keeping colour vibrants and on your lips to prevent feathering and fading. I wear most types of makeup, but I'm not a lipstick wearer, so I focused on my eyes and settled with some lipgloss to test out Prime Time.

    It's very creamy and smooth, and I used my middle finger to gently swipe some from the container. You need only a VERY small amount. It was easy to apply on my eyelids, blended it very well and was not sticky or "wet". I wondered if my eyeshadow would adhere to it well and was happy that it did. My eyeshadow went on just the same as it always does, but I did notice it was smoother when applied. The noticeable difference was at the end of the day. Surprisingly, my eyeshadow was still perfectly in tact and had not smudged or faded. I even made sure to use one of my eyeshadows that often fades throughout the day. It passed the eyeshadow test!

    As for the lips, since I don't wear lipstick and not even really gloss either. I did take the plunge and try some pinky, clear gloss I had lying around with the Prime Time. Luckily my lips weren't dry and the primer applied very well. I was worried it would make my lips look white, but after the lip gloss went on, it wasn't noticeable. My lipgloss stayed on fairly well, but I tend to "smuck" my lips a lot if I'm wearing anything on them, so it came off a bit after a couple hours, but honestly, not as easily as it normally would if I didn't have the primer on. I can only imagine how great it would be for people who wear lipstick! If it can help with lipgloss, I'm sure it can do wonders with lipstick.

    I really love Prime Time and it now has a permanent place in my makeup bag. I use it every time I wear makeup and I like that it even acts as a highlighter for my eyes. With dark circles, it's been great, especially for the inside corner of my eyes. I blend a tiny amount near the inside corners and it really helps to brighten. At $25 it might seem a little pricey, but for how much you get and how little you actually use of it, as well as how much further it makes your eyeshadow/lipstick go, it's worth it in my opinion.

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