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Nioxin Diaboost Hair Thickening Treatment Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    October 21, 2016

    The only nioxin product that did what it said it would do. My hair has been growing faster and thicker. This version in more moisturizing and non drying. Doesn't make my hair feel dirty or greasey or weighed down.

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    October 20, 2013

    I had an opportunity to try and review Diaboost hair thickening treatment by Nioxin over a period of 8 weeks. I noticed that my hair has thinned after giving birth to two children in a fairly quick succession and much as I was looking forward to thicker and more voluminous hair I am very disappointed to report that Diaboost made very little difference.

    Diaboost claims to be advanced hair thickening treatment that increases the diameter of each individual hair strand giving you fuller locks than before after just one application and better and longer lasting results with continued use.The RRP for a 100ml bottle is £39.99. It's a premium professional product that can only be found in salons or online.

    The the clear gel like substance of Diaboost is contained within a clear action pump bottle with a frosted label wrapped round. The product smells nice and feels lovely and cool against hair scalp, is very lightweight and absorbs easily into hair without leaving any residue.

    I feel that the label has been designed very badly - the caption line says "thickening xtrafusion treatment" and it's absolutely impossible to gather from that what it is actually supposed to treat. At the bottom of the bottle in small capitals and in three languages it says it's for hair but it's really difficult to see the grey lettering on a clear frosted label unless you hold the bottle against the light. Poor readability also goes to the instructions on the back of the bottle and what's more annoying is that the instructions on the bottle are different to the ones on the website!

    On the bottle it says: " Apply generously throughout the scalp. Massage gently at the hair roots. Do not rinse. For exceptional results use daily on wet or dry hair". On the website the instructions are as following "Apply 4-6 pumps of Diaboost to wet or dry hair. Massage the product into the roots and work down through the lengths of your hair, until the product has absorbed completely. " Unsure as to weather to apply Diaboost to the scalp or through the length of the hair I stuck to the instructions on the bottle and applied 4-6 to the hair roots every other other after I'd washed my hair over the 8 week trial period.

    I didn't notice any instant increase of hair volume but was still hopeful to see better results with continued usage over time. A few weeks on, I noticed that my hair was looking slightly thicker. The improvement however took far too long to be seen and still was quite insignificant and worth neither the fuss or money. I could have easily achieved a far better result by simply blow drying my hair upside down or putting in some rollers.

    Another downside with Diaboost is that it s a semi-permanent cosmetic product meaning that once you stop using it your hair will revert back to its pre-Diaboost state. At least once a month I like treat my air with a nourishing hair mask and always use a cleansing shampoo to remove any build up to allow the nutrients in the mask to penetrate my hair more efficiently. Now, although a normal shampoo washes out Diaboost only partially, the cleansing shampoo removed the benefit of Diaboost altogether. A lot of time, money and effort went down the drain and I had start from scratch.

    Sadly, I didn't see any immediate results with Diaboost and over time the improvement was very slight. It's incompatible with my hair care routine because if I wanted to use on a regular basis I would have to abandon a cleansing shampoo. I am not prepared to do that and therefore won't be purchasing Diaboost in the future. It was fun to be able to try it out but the search for a product that will help me to reclaim my former mane goes on.

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