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    January 02, 2012

    Olay says if you use Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol consistently clear skin can be yours. It also received best acne treatment from Allure’s 2011 Best of Beauty Awards. The Olay Pro-X Clean Acne Protocol is a bit pricey, but you do get three products in one box. This three step system was specially made for women that have had troubled skin and they say it has been clinically shown to fight acne with out over drying your skin and they guarantee this. One of my biggest problems I have found with other products like this is that if they do work for me, they’re way to drying and they stop working after I’ve used them for awhile. This three step system has not made any part of my face dry in any way witch really surprised me. Olay says the system uses proven technology to reduce and help prevent blemishes and breakouts. It’s formulated to balance moisture levels and minimize the appearance of oily skin through out hormonal fluctuations. They also claim that it will reduce the look of large pores and uneven texture in just four weeks.

    The first step is to wash with the Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol Clarifying Cleanser. This cleanser is supposed to reduce the oil and penetrate your pores to help prevent new breakouts from happening and it contains 1.8% salicylic acid like most acne cleansers do. Myself I love the cleanser because it does seem to do just what it says and my skin is left soft and a lot healthier looking. The only thing I don’t like about the cleanser is that it doesn’t last near as long as the other two products it comes with. It’s not sold separately so when you run out, like I have just about done now, you have to by the full kit just to get more of the cleanser. Hopefully this will change and soon because although I really like all of the products, I just can’t see me spending that much on myself every month just to get one product I’ve run out of.

    Step two is the Skin Clearing treatment, you apply this to any breakouts you have and it’s suppose to help to bring them under control and help to prevent new ones from forming. I’ve been using this system for just over a month now and the first week was great. I noticed my face becoming clearer with each day and even the blackheads seemed to be fading. Unfortunately I found that it still didn’t prevent new acne from forming at all and by the end of week two, I had new blemishes appearing, witch was very disappointing. They weren’t near as bad as they had bin and have gone away faster then before, but they are still showing up witch I hope wouldn’t happen at all.

    The third step is the Pro-X Clear Complexion Renewing Lotion Sheer hydration. This is suppose to help fade the look of spots and redness giving you an over all renewed appearance. This is my favourite part of this system. It’s comes in a pump and is kind of clear in color. When you use it, it feels like your applying liquid silk to your face and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and health and the redness isn’t near as noticeable as it had been before.

    However after using all of these products day and night for just over a month, my large pores have not changed at all like they said it could do for me, I’m still getting breakouts, just not as bad and they aren’t lasting as long as they did before. I’m going to be 46 this June and have had trouble with my skin since I was a teen. I’ve tried many different products over the years, even some medications and not one thing has completely gotten rid of my acne for good. I do really like this system and the results that I have gotten from it so far. I just hope things continue to go well and my face doesn’t become accustom to the products and stop working for me altogether like all the others I have tried. So even though the results I got weren’t as great as I had hoped they would be for me, I’d still recommend you give the Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol a try for yourself if you are having trouble with your skin too.

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