Picross 3D Reviews

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Break into the next dimension of brainteasers! Track numbers, crack cubes, and rack your brain in the mind-bending puzzle craze that is easy to pick up but hard to put down!Features:Discover the secret animation hidden inside each block by following the simple number patterns. As intuitive as a crossword and as absorbing as sudoku, Picross 3D is a fun first in the next generation of three-dimensional puzzle games!Master over 365 challenges that will keep players of all skill levels perpetually puzzling every day of the year! Indulge your appetite for brainteasers by downloading up to an additional 400 themed puzzles available via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Nintendo WFC)! Wireless broadband internet connection is required for Nintendo WFC.Create and swap puzzles with friends, submit your own creations for the monthly puzzle challenge, and download new puzzle packs every week via Nintendo WFC.ESRB: EveryoneCategory: Puzzle

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