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Plater Multifunctional Rechargeable 8GB 700HR Digital Audio Voice Recorder Reviews
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    July 05, 2016

    This digital voice recorder is the first one I've bought in several years, and I was very impressed with it when compared to the one I had been using a few years ago. It has a built-in memory of 8gb, which will cover many hours or recording, and it's rechargeable. It's also extremely light and much smaller that I expected, making it ideal for slipping into a purse or pocket.

    This recorder picks up voices at short distances with great quality, and would be very useful for recording conversations or interviews with just the most basic built-in microphone. If you have a microphone you can attach you will have even better quality, and you will need one if you plan to use this for anything that requires even a little distance, like recording lectures, as the pickup at even a medium range is very poor. Walking just a few feet away I could barely hear my own voice on the recording, so a professor lecturing in a large room would never be audible with this recorder sadly.

    The recorder comes with a pair of headphones (quite good ones actually) and a USB charger. Navigating the menus isn't too difficult, but it does take some getting used to, and I found them to be a bit user-unfriendly at first. There are also some minor typos and mistakes in the menus, which makes this device seem less professional but doesn't detract from its usefulness. One thing that I did find very strange is that when selecting the Recordings Library to check your recordings, the very first option is Delete All, and pressing the button twice will delete ALL your recordings. Having that as the first option is just asking for trouble.

    Overall, I think this recorder is a great tool for a journalist, someone who wants to record small meetings, or anyone who might need to record a conversation, but it won't help with any recordings in large areas. Considering the price it makes a great device for recording yourself talking up close.

    + Clear audio at close distances
    + Very small and lightweight, easy to fit in bag or pocket
    + Comes with headphones and UBS charger
    + Settings to record at certain times of day, or voice-activated
    + Internal storage and rechargeable battery
    + Easy to set up and start using

    - Poor audio at medium to long distances
    - Too easy to delete all recordings
    - Menus not very user-friendly and some small typos make it seem less professional

    Note: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased, honest review as provided here. As a consumer advocate, I believe in providing quality and honest feedback and receiving a product at a discounted rate will never affect my opinions.

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