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    May 26, 2016

    Anyone with an iPhone (or any mobile phone) has had that moment where they only have 10% power left, but pictures to take and messages to answer. Carrying around a charging plug and finding a plug to put it into is not always the best or safest solution.

    Enter the mobile phone charger. I had one, but Husband put it away somewhere safe – too safe, as we cannot find it. Enter charger #2 – PowerGroov!

    It has a sleek flat design, and can easily be fit into a pocket, purse, luggage, anywhere, and is highly portable.

    It benefits me by being able to give a quick charge up when my phone goes below 20% and I am not going to be near a wall charger in the near future. For example, I used it this past weekend camping – It was partially charged as I had charged my phone at home with it first in order to ensure the charger worked properly. I was able to get my phone from 5% power to 54% power before the charger turned off. Being able to bring my phone back from the near dead after already charging my phone from 20 to 80% the previous week without recharging the charger = awesome!

    It does work for my Husband’s Samsung as well – there is an adapter end from the charger that allows for easy transition from an Apple phone to a Samsung phone, so for our household’s quick fix needs, we appreciate the adapter and multi-use we will get out of it.

    Not only can you charge this charger on your desktop or laptop computer via the handy USB cord included, you can also recharge it from wall chargers, and even an awesome camping lantern I have that has a charging port! Being able to have multiple access points to recharge this charger will come in handy as we get deeper into camping and cycling season.

    I do like the little built in charging cable – it’s unobtrusive and makes charging a more efficient process.

    My issue with this charger, however, is that it gets HOT. When it is being charged or charging my phone, the charger case gets quite hot, and I have not been able to figure out a workaround for it (to prevent overheating). Thankfully it does not cause my phone or the charging cord to get hot…but I do not think that I will be using this charger unsupervised in order to ensure it does not overheat my phone.

    **** I received this item at a reduced cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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