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Cell Phones Reviews

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Samsung Galaxy S4

57 reviews

I tried taking a break from my iPhone a few years ago, and purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. I was super impressed with the camera and video quality and that's about it. I didn't find it very user friendly and my screen cracked with the slightest of drops. iPhone forever!
OtterBox Defender Series Case

34 reviews

I really like to have my phone good in quality and I am sensitive in protecting my phone.This kind of case helps me to protect well my phone and has a good quality.I really recommend this product for those people who has fashion in phone accessories.
Apple iPhone 4S

64 reviews

Its the best cell phone i have in years . I still have this in present . Even though I have change it . I will forever have it . It still works amazing .
Apple iPhone 5S

49 reviews

Puissant noyau 64 bits Touch ID est une véritable avancée Excellente caméra L'iPhone 5S était le premier smartphone d'Apple doté du bouton d'accueil à empreinte digitale Touch ID et d'un processeur 64 bits à son lancement en 2013. C’était l’iPhone le plus cher et le...
Samsung Galaxy S6

35 reviews

one of the best advancements in Cellular phones has been the ability to add an external memory card. sadly this phone got rid of that feature (just to reimplement it in later models) its a great handy phone but it would have been a better phone had they kept that trend going.
Apple iPhone 6

29 reviews

Works alright older version nowadays but is decent. A little slow with new updates but this device still functions alright. Was a pricey phone needed to be changed a couple times with warranty but works decent now just a little slow sometimes.
Samsung Galaxy S9+

11 reviews

J'ai acheter pour moi ( je voulais passer de apple a android ) et je ne regrette rien. La batterie dure vraiment longtemps ( au moins toute la journée même si j'y suis pendant longtemps
iPhone xr

7 reviews

I love my iPhone XR, it takes great pictures and the price was better then the iPhone X, I have not had any problems with this phone since ive gotten it, i was surprised to see that I was able to get better night photos on this phone than on any camera that I’ve ever owned...
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

33 reviews

I have owned my iphone6 for over 2 years. I have always loved apple products, I feel you get you money’s worth most of the time. My whole family has apple products. I do wish you could get your information off of your phone easier. I also wish the covers to protect them were...
iPhone 5c

49 reviews

I love Apple products they are good quality products not cheaply made or anything like that. I love my iPhone 5c. It is a really good phone i would recommend this product to anyone who loves Apple.
Hauwei p30

1 review

Different colors, does what I need it too. Easy to use. I wish the speaker was louder or that it can go darker in the dim mode or low light but maybe it's just me. Charges fast and finger print part works amazing.
Samsung galaxy 10

1 review

I've been a Samsung fan for a long time! I've had all of the phones over the years including the first galaxy. The Samsung 10 plus is by far the best version! The camera is so clear and easy to use and phone is much lighter than previous versions!
Samsung Galaxy S5

29 reviews

I am a true believer of the Samsung, never experienced any difficulties with any of their devices. Batteries are very dependable long lasting. Easy to work never had problems navigating or finding what I needed to search.
Lg Q stylo plus

1 review

I have had about four phones in the past 3 years and I suck with phones always breaking the screens and such, but with this phone I've dropped it a few times and don't even have a crack in the screen yet The pen is very convenient with this phone as it makes drawing and perfect...
Otter Box Symettry Series For LG G4

1 review

I was looking for a new phone case that is durable and will protect my phone from drops. My partner has an Otter Box Commuter series for his S5 and I find it too bulky and hard to hold in my small hands. I prefer something smaller and more sleek so that's why I decided to go...
iPhone x

10 reviews

It's a great phone, the camera is great and the large screen is ideal for taking photos. But what with all the glitches! I barely use any storage I even use google photos! Sometimes my phone decided it's had enough and shuts off but this is rare. the large screen, big battery...
LG G6 Smart Phone

1 review

LG G6 is one of the better phones I have had! I have used this phone for about 4 months now, and I am glad I switch back to LG instead of IPhone. It doesn't drain your data, battery last longer, and it charges very quickly. The apps I run, they run better and have the app I like...
Moto e5 play

1 review

I have tried many different phone brand an the moto e5 play have been the best pay and talk phone I have ever had and it has a great camera easy to use
Apple iPhone 7

13 reviews

Ever since iPhones came out I’ve owned one. Die hard iPhone fan and I don’t think I’ll ever change. Currently have the iPhone 7 and have no plans to upgrade anytime soon.
Iphone 8 256gb

1 review

Upgraded my iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8 and got the 256gb of memory!! I had the choice of the iPhone X but after all the reviews, the iPhone 8 was still the better phone!!! I am very happy with this choice!!! It works very well! Super fast! Love the camera on it! And with the...