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Cell Phones Reviews

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OtterBox Defender Series Case

38 reviews

So these cases are crazy expensive which turns most people away from them, they protect your phone amazingly however if you change your cases often this is not the case for you as the hard plastic shell tends to break when taken off to often
Samsung Galaxy S4

58 reviews

I love the Samsung has great camera and video quality and easy to use I have tried other brands of phones but always go back to this one I don't think there is a better phone on the market
iPhone XR

26 reviews

I got it as an update for my iphone6.This has awesome battery which lasts about 2 days for me. Storage is also good and so is performance.The cons are that it's a bit heavy in pockets and I miss the home button that was an important part of earlier models.
Apple iPhone 4S

64 reviews

Its the best cell phone i have in years . I still have this in present . Even though I have change it . I will forever have it . It still works amazing .
Apple iPhone 5S

50 reviews

Never again. I bought this phone as my first iPhone 3 years ago, it was definitely great at first but the battery life was shit, camera quality was alright but still not completely clear and it lags and freezes way too much. I also didn’t like that it was so small. I’d...
Samsung Galaxy S6

37 reviews

Got given this as a gift and it would have been one i would choose but im very impressed with this phone i love the design, its easy to set up and use for someone not so super teccy, the battery is not too bad i have to charge evry other day but its normal these days withapps...
Apple iPhone 6

33 reviews

This phone lasted me over 6 years now, although it is really slow to use now, it still works and I can do the basics with it. In the beginning stages of this phone's life it was fast good and the battery lasted a long time but as reported before, Apple does slow down older...
Samsung galaxy s20

1 review

This phone is amazing, the camera is awesome. The screen is really nice. The added features run really smooth. Don't have any lag at all. Would buy this again if I needed to.
Samsung Galaxy A51

1 review

I recently purchased a Samsung A51 cellphone and have to say the camera is amazing. I have taken beautiful photos with this phone and am amazed at the quality. If you are a Samsung person then I highly recommend it.
Google Pixel 3

1 review

This is the first cell phone I've owned that has held up well, and I take care of my belongings. The camera on this phone is amazing! It's so clear! My favourite mode is the night lens as it captures photos with such beautiful clarity!
Samsung Galaxy S9+

14 reviews

I had this phone for three years and absolutely loved it! But now having a new phone paying half the price I am seeing I can get more for my money and the prices of certain phones are just outrageous
spigen neoflex screen protector

1 review

The screen protector that came on my Samsung s10 was getting old and scratched so I ordered some Spigen Neoflex protectors on Amazon 2 for $12. The instructions were easy to follow and they have a YouTube video to help. It took me about 2 minutes and my phone looks perfect. It...
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

1 review

Noir minuit, Bleu Paon. 128 Go. Photos d'une clarté exceptionnelle. Le P30 lite est doté d’un appareil photo à triple objectif vous permettant de capter les moindres détails ou d’agrandir la vue pour capturer des paysages d’une beauté à couper le souffle. La mémoire...
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

36 reviews

I really liked this phone when I had it, the screen was wide which was nice when I was watching videos. I got really bad glitches after having it for 2 years, not even the people who worked at the apple store could solve the problem.
iPhone 11 Pro Max

3 reviews

I upgraded from the iPhone 8 to this model and I can't say enough about it. It has so many cool features, and the extra camera makes me feel like a professional. I also love the new colors it comes in.
Samsung A8 cell phone

1 review

I have been a user of Samsung products for several years now and have never been disappointed. I recently upgraded to the Samsung a8 2018 and I love the phone...very easy to navigate.
Huawei p20

2 reviews

Got to say i have had many different phones but huawei has got got to be the beat one yet it really is amazing would highly recommend the camera is absolutely amazing love love love it. All my family are now using this phone best 1 yet
SPECK PRESIDIO Metallic Case for iPhone 6SPlus/7Plus

1 review

I have the Speck Presidio for iPhone 7Plus in metallic pink. I purchased mine from Indigo (Chapters) online in Canada on sale for $35 (from $50) the colour is very pretty but the finish scratched very quickly despite it stating it was scratch resistant in the features, which is...
iPhone x

15 reviews

I bought this phone over two years ago, right when it was released. Unfortunately, the battery life is terrible and there are many phones out there that have better photo qualities. Also, the phone is too expensive to justify the quality of the phone.
iPhone 7 Plus red

1 review

I bought this for myself which is a brilliant phone much bigger screen that other iPhones. Red colour on the back. Great colouring, lots of apps to download. Great quality of sound and great set up easy to use. Highly recommend