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Cell Phones Reviews

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OtterBox Defender Series Case

36 reviews

Solid and trustworthy , this case was well worth the cost , bought it for my LG G5 it held up to life's rough and tuff tumbles , I did have to dis assemble it a few times to clean under the screen protector and just around it in general but other than that I could not complain...
Samsung Galaxy S4

58 reviews

I love the Samsung has great camera and video quality and easy to use I have tried other brands of phones but always go back to this one I don't think there is a better phone on the market
Apple iPhone 4S

64 reviews

Its the best cell phone i have in years . I still have this in present . Even though I have change it . I will forever have it . It still works amazing .
Apple iPhone 5S

50 reviews

Never again. I bought this phone as my first iPhone 3 years ago, it was definitely great at first but the battery life was shit, camera quality was alright but still not completely clear and it lags and freezes way too much. I also didn’t like that it was so small. I’d...
Samsung Galaxy S6

36 reviews

I got given the Samsung s6 about 6 months ago. I was very shocked by the phone, the battery is very good and the the problem I normal have with phones. As more app use up lot of battery power
Apple iPhone 6

32 reviews

iPhone has had me converted for a while... a lot of ppl I know have had their phone screen cracked shortly after buying it... just put a wallet case and a screen cover on it put it in ur purse or pocket when ur not using it so it doesn’t have much opportunity to fall and hit...
Samsung Galaxy S9+

12 reviews

I absolutely love buying new phones. I've been doing it for years. Samsung Is the only phone that I've actually stayed with for a long period of time. The pictures are great. So clear. I don't have any complaints about this phone. I have 2 young kids that are always playing with...
iPhone xr

10 reviews

I’ve always been an iPhone user but I’m so sick of having to store everything on their Cloud and have to pay for it. The camera is decent but it’s nothing special
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

34 reviews

I bought this after my 5 for 200 I got the 6plus 64gb. The phone was in prestigious condition, I recommend buying an otter box case the second you get an iPhone their cases are indestructible your phone will withstand almost any damage. The battery life deteriorated after...
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1 review

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iPhone 5c

50 reviews

This phone was given to my little sister. I can tell you from now it has never functioned well. It’s battery power was horrible, it would shut off at 30% and the camera was horrible. It to mention the lag on it was treacherous.
Hauwei p30

1 review

Different colors, does what I need it too. Easy to use. I wish the speaker was louder or that it can go darker in the dim mode or low light but maybe it's just me. Charges fast and finger print part works amazing.
Apple iPhone 7

15 reviews

This i-phone is really great. It is good for people who want a compact phone with almost every feature. Also, it comes in great price. The camera quality is superb.
Samsung galaxy 10

1 review

I've been a Samsung fan for a long time! I've had all of the phones over the years including the first galaxy. The Samsung 10 plus is by far the best version! The camera is so clear and easy to use and phone is much lighter than previous versions!
LG G6 Smart Phone

2 reviews

Amazing phone , I just love it , had the G5 then upgraded to the G6 . its solid and sexy , half decent camera , runs apps smoothly , half decent cases available for it
iPhone x

11 reviews

I've had this phone model since they were first released and am pleasantly surprised that the battery health is still at 90% of its maximum capacity. I expected it to degrade much faster. I'm really happy with this phone but for once I'm not in a rush to upgrade to the newest...
Huawei P8 Lite 2017

1 review

Un smartphone tout simplement excellent pour moins de 150 euros. Fonctionne parfaitement, cependant au bout d'un certain temps, 2 ans pour mon cas montre des signes de latence.
Samsung Galaxy S5

29 reviews

I am a true believer of the Samsung, never experienced any difficulties with any of their devices. Batteries are very dependable long lasting. Easy to work never had problems navigating or finding what I needed to search.
Lg Q stylo plus

1 review

I have had about four phones in the past 3 years and I suck with phones always breaking the screens and such, but with this phone I've dropped it a few times and don't even have a crack in the screen yet The pen is very convenient with this phone as it makes drawing and perfect...
Otter Box Symettry Series For LG G4

1 review

I was looking for a new phone case that is durable and will protect my phone from drops. My partner has an Otter Box Commuter series for his S5 and I find it too bulky and hard to hold in my small hands. I prefer something smaller and more sleek so that's why I decided to go...