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Shoppers Drugmart Reviews
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    April 20, 2020
    Ontario, Canada


    This setting has many various product options in a variety of forms and mediums. When I purchase products here I have many to choose from and many targeted specifically to my needs.

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    November 03, 2016

    I do like Shopper's Drug Mart because there's a wide range of products available, from beauty and skincare to wellness and groceries. It's definitely convenient in that sense, since there are so many things available in one spot, BUT -- and this is a pretty big but -- they absolutely gouge you on the prices. If you don't believe me, you should compare their prices to something like Wal-Mart, or certain online vendors. It's actually rather shocking how much they overcharge on many of their products. As I said, though, it's convenient; not everyone has a Wal-Mart near them (I don't), and not everyone enjoys shopping online.

    When it comes to their cosmetics, one of the biggest reasons I shop there, I find that their store is shockingly unkempt. Things are torn and ripped open, testers are missing, products are open and have been handled in disgusting ways. It's like no one cares to do anything about this. I've bought skin creams that smelled like they were musty and expired. I'm starting to get more and more scared to buy anything beauty/skin-related from Shopper's. It's getting really bad, plus, as I mentioned, I can usually find what I'm looking for at a way cheaper price elsewhere. I mean, I've seen hair colour kits that have been opened, with portions missing. Who takes part of a hair colour? Frankly I don't get it.

    The ladies who work the counter at the beauty boutique never seem to be doing any work, yet when you want their help, they're all too busy talking to each other to assist you. The customer service definitely leaves something to be desired. There's usually only one person working the register at a time at the checkout, which makes things move very slowly.

    Granted I'm only talking about one specific location here, but I'm not impressed.

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