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Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit Reviews

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    February 15, 2012

    Let's start from the left most brush found on the image above.

    Large Angled Contour (F40) - Obviously, this is a brush with an angled shape head. What I really like about this is that a flawlessly contoured face can be achieved thru this brush. You can also use this to apply blush on the apple of your cheeks.

    Large Powder (F30) - This brush is my favorite amongst all the brushes included in this kit. It's densely packed which is pretty much the reason why it picks up a lot of product from the powder shaker. I'd have to tell you that you need to have a light hand when picking up product from your powder shaker. On my first attempt to use this, I didn't know it can get a lot of product, resulting to tapping off a lot of excess from the brush. It also has a rounded top which is also ideal to use on your body.

    Foundation (F60) - The name says it all. It's a foundation brush ideal to apply liquid and or cream products on your face. It can also be used to apply concealer on large areas.

    Overall: Living with these 3 brushes alone can help me survive day to day simple application of makeup. Although, the only thing that I don't like about these brushes is that it took so long for them to dry and that's probably because they were really densely packed. However, I think the solution would be purchasing Sigma's Shape and Dry which claims it can dry brushes for only 4-6 hours. Must save up for that!

    The four eye brushes included in this set are the E40 (tapered blending), E65 (small angled), E30 (pencil), and E55 (eye shader). Compared to the ecotools 6pc. brush set (which, by the way, is travel size as well) that I have, I would definitely go for these babies, not because they're from Sigma or they have a cute color, but because they work magnificently.

    To break it down you all:

    Tapered Blending Brush (E40) - I love the softness of this brush. It’s amazingly soft so it works well for blending out eyeshadow or setting concealer with powder.

    Medium Angled Shading Brush (E65) - A nice angled brush for crease work. It neatly blends the colors however, the softness does make it a bit harder to hold onto color on its own.

    Pencil Brush (E30) - No more scratchy fibers near the eye! This brush stays soft and keeps its pointy, tapered shape much better than the original natural hair one.

    Eye Shading Brush (E55) - Nice and dense- the only thing keeping this brush worthwhile.

    OVERALL: This brush kit is a nice addition to your collection, especially if you're just starting to grow your collection. However, for someone who already has bazillion number of brushes, then I wouldn't really recommend this kit for you, not unless you travel a lot and most of the brushes you have aren't in travel size. Am I going to re-purchase? Definitely! Sigma's quality will never be comparable to those of local brands that we have here in the Philippines (don't want to mention names but I know some of you makeup enthusiast know what brand/s I'm talking about).

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