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Sparkel Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 02, 2015

    I know toilet bowl cleaner is not the most exciting or glamorous topic but we all use toilets and unfortunately they do need to be cleaned! Anyways, we live on the outskirts of Winnipeg in a small community called East St. Paul. Some would classify this as a “suburb” and some would classify this as living in the “country”. Regardless of what it’s called, the fact is we have well water instead of city water. Anyone doesn’t know what this means? Ok well, our water is very “hard”, leaves a nice reddish water stain on anything it touches and smells like a cup-o-farts! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?! I know, you are thinking…why the hell would anyone want to live there?! We believe that it is a small sacrifice to pay for living in the “country” and having a beautiful, peaceful private yard with deer grazing on our grass (and flowers!) all while being minutes from the city.

    Ok, sorry I am digressing…back to this wonderful toilet bowl cleaner “sparkel”. The well water makes it very difficult to keep the bathroom fixtures clean without great effort! We have tried a plethora of overpriced useless cleaning products however nothing has worked. Until… my mom introduced us to “Sparkle”, this magnificent product in a simple red and white bottle. I was very skeptical that anything at this point was going to do the trick but decided to try it anyways. What the hell right? I squirted some around the toilet bowl and watched the magic unfold in front of my eyes! By golly it was actually working with absolutely NO ELBOW GREESE! Within minutes, my toilet was virtually clean with no water stains. I had never seen this cleaner before, where was this little gem hiding? I would highly recommend this product if you have trouble with hard water stains like we do…or should I say did!

    P.S. – this review was strictly my opinion. I did not receive any monetary or complimentary product in exchange for this review.

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