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Cleaning Appliances Reviews

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Swiffer 360 Duster

85 reviews

the duster can trap dust very well and the 360 design is perfect to clean every corner, every space. it's so easy to use and it makes cleaning a fun rather than a chore.

10 reviews

I have sensitive skin( my hands included) and often break out with heavy moisturisers but find this one by this housbrand of Guardian. The citrus scent is great! Doesn’t leave my skin feeling gross and oily. Skin feels soft and hydrated after use!
ZOFLORA - Tropical Twist

15 reviews

I absolutley love the smell of this, especially in the summer. It's like being on a tropical beach with a Malibu in hand. I have always loved ZOFLORA as it reminds me of my granny cleaning her floors in the 90s so really happy they are appealing to a new market with the...
Watson's Rose & Orchid Hand Wash

8 reviews

Bought this gel because it 100% aloe Vera. Love it very much especially my body itch after shower. It smooths the itchiness, especially now summer season. Feels alot better when the gel being refrigerated. Good thing can be applied from face to body. Will stock up again.
Watson's Green Tea& Apple Hand Wash

6 reviews

This is such a luxurious handwash and the smell is so delicious. Absolutely a pure, clean spa-like lavender scent that lingers on your hands after you wash them. The square bottle is small enough to fit behind my faucet with room to spare. Delightfully fresh, clean and...
Stardrops The Pink Stuff

16 reviews

There are quite a bit of reviews on Amazon saying this doesn’t work, well it does, you just need the proper tools for hard jobs like baked on food in your oven! Used with a stainless steel scrubbing pad in my oven, every little bit of baked on food, is now gone! The grit in...
Dawn Escapes Dish Soap

2 reviews

I recommend Dawn as it’s hands down the best dish soap out there. It’s formulated so you don’t use a lot like some cheaper brands and it cleans and can be used as a sanitizing cleaner for counter tops etc. The scents are very nice.
Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray

2 reviews

I stumbled upon this product while just browsing my local cleaning isle, thought I'd give It try as covid is a scary thought and all other disaffectents have a heavy smell this is smells GREAT van use in every room.
Bold 2 in 1

11 reviews

I have been buying bold 2 in 1 for years now I love the spring awakening one it all I use on my clothes and bedding it it also makes the house smell nice and fresh after I have done a washing I make sure to stock up on the product

3 reviews

I really like them there great really a must have. make sure you go out and buy them give them a try.you'll love them.they work really well with everything and really come in handy to have around all over the house and anywhere you night need to clean up. they come in a couple...

3 reviews

I really like them there great really a must have. make sure you go out and buy them give them a try.you'll love them.they work really well with everything and really come in handy to have around all over the house and anywhere you night need to clean up. they come in a couple...
Turbo scrub

1 review

Turbo scrub it is easy to clean the whole house different heads for all long arm so no need to bend and break your back. You can clean toilet and bath and sinks your shower with the different heads all you need to do is swap the head so easy to do with a click. 60min cleaning...
Vileda glass ceramic scrunge

3 reviews

My mother had spilt Alfredo sauce and didn’t notice it! So it cooked on more to my glass cooktop and eventually burnt. I had just bought these to clean my bathtub, and thought I would give it a try. With a little elbow grease it cleaned it without scratching the glass. The...
Ohisu Washboard bowl

1 review

It is perfect! What can I say, I've looking for one for a long time that fits in my sink. I'm not washing all my cloths this way but the delicates and face masks, this is perfect. Its thick enough it doesn't bend or fold. Its sturdy it stays put and it fits my sinks perfectly!...
Attitude Fruit & Vegetable Wash

5 reviews

It drove me crazy knowing that people were touching my fruit & veggies, perhaps the produce even fell on the ground before I purchased it. Also, some produce has pesticides and is exposed to other debris. I was washing my produce with plain water and a washcloth, which didn't...

1 review

This is a revolutionary new product. An easy to use trigger when operated dispenses the cleaning fluid and the replaceable pad on the bottom of the mop glides over to clean and remove dirt. This product makes mopping the floor a breeze. It is a quick and convenient device...
Tesco Malaysia Jumbo Towel

1 review

Nice paper towels, normal price, sometimes you can find a coupon here or there. They soak up all the mess and spill and are useful. Not any better or worse than other paper towels I've tried. They do the job and I repurchase them.
Scentsy kitchen cleanser

1 review

I love Scentsy and this product is a “must have”! Available in many scents, and a great cleanser leaving your kitchen smelling great and looking good! If you’ve never tried a Scentsy product, this is a great one to begin with!
Tesco Malaysia Antiseptic Liquid

1 review

– Cuts, Gauzes, Bites, Stings : 1 capful to 300ml water, clean and cover with dry lint – Antiseptic Use For Midwifery : 1.5 capful to !L warm water, for external antisepsis. Personal Hygiene Application (Do not Use For Eczematous Condition) – Bathing : 1 to 2 capfuls to...
Scentsy dish soap

2 reviews

Ok so a consultant agreed to switch a few cleaning products for my old whiffs so I basically tried this for free. I would never have tried it otherwise even tho there's a lot of YouTube videos that say this is great but I mean that price for a bottle of dish soap sounds frankly...