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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    July 19, 2011

    I have been trying to wear foundation for years to even out my blotchy skin tone, and under eye circles I like to hide. Every time I try to wear a foundation I look like an alligator by the afternoon :( My skin is normal/combination but as soon as I put foundation on, my skin gets really dry... Under my eyes reacts the same to concealer, I started buying/wearing eye cream on a regular basis now. On a day to day basis I use a little bit of Annabelle foundation on my "T" zone and under my eyes.
    On the weekend I was make-up shopping with a girlfriend at Shoppers Drug Mart and spotted Stila's tinted moisturizer.. I have tried a tinted moisturizer in the past and it was still very heavy, that was years ago and the Stila brand is one of the best so I splurge on this product for myself.

    After a week of use I can confidently say and recommend this tinted moisturizer! It's really light weight and has the perfect amount (light) of coverage that evens skin tone without feeling like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. At 5pm when I look in the mirror I only need to touch up my lip gloss!!! :D

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 02, 2011

    I have worn a full face of foundation every day for at least 15 years. Yes, I was the girl at the gym with makeup on-granted I didn’t have smokey eyes or fake lashes but you could bet that if I rubbed my face on a towel, there would be foundation on it. I prefer heavier coverage foundations as I feel they give the appearance of a ‘flawless’ complection. Haven’t been without foundation in a loooong time.

    I am not sure what made me waver….tons of review sites/beauty bloggers singing the praises of tinted moisturizer? The new products and promises of ‘natural looking coverage’? Or maybe it’s just me getting tired of having to touch up all day and having my makeup rub off (does anyone else remember Cindy Crawford in that Revlon commercial where she had on a white silk blouse and she would rub her face against it?).

    I was in Sephora yesterday and found myself browsing the different tinteds (again). I so did not want to get on the Laura Mercier bandwagon. Yes, I have sampled it before, yes it’s fantastic but it’s over $50.00 a tube! I just couldn’t make the commitment-I mean, what if I hated this stuff after I got it home? So I let the Sephora employee show me around and my eyes fell on Stila sheer color. I do not own one Stila product-couldn’t tell you much about the brand. However, I liked the consistency and it was probably the ‘best’ match for my skin tone that was NOT Laura M. So I bought it.

    It's too early to tell whether I am completely in love with it since it's been 1 day. However, it feels a lot 'lighter' than my foundation, my skin looks hydrated. I believe I will have to 'wean' myself off my foundation and slowly work my way onto the TM's-summer is coming after all! The consistency is a little thicker than most of the TM's I have sampled-and I LIKE that. it may appeal to my full-face-foundation-sisters! I am also thrilled that Stila has skin-tone options (read: other than yellow based). That is a MAJOR complaint of mine! I purchased 'Fair'

    Will I continue using? That remains to be seen-but this weekend was the perfect time to give Stila a test run!

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