The Baby Box Reviews


BABYBOX re-invents the traditional crib, creating a contemporary piece of furniture that expands and "grows" with a baby from its first breath until it becomes a toddler. The different sleeping products offered in the market for each different age of the baby are summed up in one single object, which also allows an alternative use as toy box. BABYBOX base design is a 27 x 27 inch MDF square board with vertical and horizontal sheath shaped boring to resemble the traditional bars. Fastened by minifixes, these boards form two boxes which fit together. The shifting of one box along the other by means of a wooden guide re-sizes the original space into two new ones, accompanying the baby's growth. An extensible, movable bed rack formed by two sheath shaped "combs" allows the crib growth, and a number of supports vertically placed, its height regulation. The mattresses, as modular units, are added to the crib at every period. It can be moved through standard doors, or closed for better use of space.

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