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The Inkey List PCA Bond Repair Reviews
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    February 02, 2021
    United Kingdom

    Hair Repair that targets the bonds

    Hair loss isn’t talked about enough, even though it’s one of the most commonly experienced beauty hurdles faced by men and women of all ages. It is not reserved for old age either, with many in their twenties and thirties experiencing some form of hair loss or thinning at some point.

    Stressful situations are thought to be the most common trigger foods for the fall of your crowning glory, and the fall-out from a global pandemic that has affected every one of us in some way or another is bound to cause a few of those, unfortunately.

    Luckily there are a lot of beauty and hair heroes out there who have used their insider knowledge to explore the roots of hair thinning and loss, with some skincare brands growing out their expertise into the field of hair products. The Inkey List are one brand who have done so, with a very easy to use and accessible solution to stop hair breakage in it’s tracks!

    The new PCA Bond Hair Treatment has just landed on the brand’s website and this is said to be a miracle worker in terms of saving your locks after what has been a turbulent year. It’s an easy spray type product designed to go and work where you have breakage to strengthen and repair your hair’s bonds and prevent further assaults on the strands, whether from excess stress or styling.

    PCA Bond Hair Repair Treatments have been around for a bit, with the brand Olaplex launching similar damage remedies, but The Inkey List’s hair and sccalp recipes will be of a more reachable price point.

    PCA Bond Hair Treatment works in several ways:

    – To reduce split ends to help hair look less damaged

    – Help hair feel smoother with less frizz and easier to comb

    – Enable hair to become stronger and more resilient over time

    – Bring back hair’s body and bounce

    An ingredient called Granrepair Powerbond is exclusively used in PCA Bond Hair Repair and this targets hair fibres so bonds can be restored and rapaired, especially after damaging elements like heat styling, colouring, and general day to day stressors. After consistent use over a few weeks, you’ll notice your hair will start returning to it’s crowning glory, with a generally healthier appearance and immediately after the first use your hair will take on a softer feel and a more manageable attitude.

    After washing your hair, spray through while it is still damp, and use 4 to 6 pumps for shorter hair and around 6 to 10 pumps for longer, thicker hair. You’ll have to press down on the pump a few times on first use to activate it but it’s straight forward after that. It’s never been easier or quicker to change your hair’s persona!

    The Inkey List’s Hair and Scalp recipes are here to help stressed scalps out with their targeted recipes, to explore products with knowledge as a first ingredient, head over to http://www.theinkeylist.com

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