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    December 04, 2014

    Trophy Skin bluemd is a blue-light therapy anti-acne system. At about $200 it's not cheap, but if you factor in all the skin care products, lotions and treatments most people with acne buy, it pays for itself pretty quickly. The bulbs last 4 years of use - that's pretty good. I got this when I was at the end of my rope with acne-frustration - but I got it knowing that my acne was hormonal. I followed the instructions and found that there was a significant difference in my skin in 4-5 weeks. It didn't make all the acne go away - but 2/3 of it and it's very easy to use for maintenance. It's completely pain free and non-invasive. One challenge was the use... you need to lie still for 20 minutes per session (2-3x a week and then 1x a week for maintenance works well for me) with your eyes covered, so you have to set time aside for this. I talked on the phone or listened to audio books.

    BlueMD works on the same basis as in-spa or derm-office blue light therapy. (Not all home-use blue light systems are created equal - do your research) The concept is that certain light wavelengths kill the skin bacteria that create acne. It does not solve the root causes of acne, but the attacks bacteria which cause the pimples. It is excellent for medium levels of acne... the kind you go to the derm for (cystic acne etc). It's not as effective on hormone-based acne or blackheads. Many people see amazing results... without having to resort to topical or internal medicine with side-effects. It's incredibly cheaper than doing this at a spa or derm's office. You just need to be consistent. I was happy with my results - I think they would have been better if my acne was not hormonal. Used with an alpha or beta hydroxy routine to get rid of blackheads and congested or clogged skin, this is a great system!

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