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Turnraise Wireless Charger with Speech Reviews
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    June 06, 2016

    Some QI charges look pretty dull or even ugly, and having them out for easy use is annoying if you don't like how your charger looks. Thankfully this one fits in well on my countertop.

    The charging speed is nothing to complain about, and while I do find that QI chargers are never as fast as the newest USB options, they do charge a device in just a few hours which should be more than enough in most cases. You need to put your device flat down on the charge, but you can still use the screen or play music if you'd like. I would prefer if the charger was at a slight angle to allow you to see the screen more easily while charging though.

    The big feature that this charger has over most others is a voice prompt, which can be very useful for anyone with poor vision or who gets annoyed trying to figure out if the QI charger is lined up properly. It calls out when you put your device down, and if you accidentally drop something metal onto the charger. Unfortunately the actual voice was very hard to make out, so don't expect a clear and crisp voice command. It's more like a muffled few words that let you know the phone/tablet is charging now.

    This charger does have a VERY small light, which is good for anyone who charges their device in the same room they sleep, as it won't be bright enough to distract you. The voice prompt also will not activate if it's in a dark room, so you can charge your phone at night without the device waking up your partner.

    Overall the TurnRaise QI charger works very well, and while its main new feature isn't anything incredible, it's still a very reliable and useful piece of tech to have.

    + Wireless charging.
    + Easy to use.
    + Sleek design.
    + Charges phones in a few hours.
    + No more plugging and unplugging USB wires.
    + Night-time features mean little light and no voice prompts to avoid waking others up.

    - Flat design makes it tough to see screen.
    - Voice commands are hard to make out.
    - 'X' non-stick pad does attract dust.

    Product given at a discount for unbiased review.

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