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Wholistic Melatonin + Gaba Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    March 03, 2023

    Properly Rested at Last

    I recieved this Melatonin + Gaba by WHOLISTIC for free in exchange for my honest review. I have been using melatonin in various dosages (3mg to 10 mg) for sometime now. I find it very difficult to unwind and fall asleep quickly I also have a problem with waking up throughout the night. So far, my experience with just melatonin has been that I fall asleep more quickly and that I wake up less. However, I have always gotten a terrible tired/groggy feeling when I wake. That is, I have found ivery hard to ftunction in the morning even if I get more sleep.

    This was not my experience with this product. The sample sent was small, but I was able to get two nights of testing out of it. I took the tablets about an hour before I wanted to sleep. I found myself drowsy with 30 to 40 minutes and asleep within the hour as expected. I did not wake at all on my first night of use and woke only once on my second night (my daughter woke me). But, it was much easier for me to fall back asleep with the melatonin and gaba on my system. Best of all, I did not experience the horrible fatigue in the morning drowsy/groggy feeling in the morning that I have experienced with other sleep aids.

    I finally had a good night's sleep and reaped the benefits in the morning. Yes, I would buy this product and would recommend it to friends and family!

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