Wireless Color LCD Handheld Monitor and Camera Reviews

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Monitor your infant from another room while she sleeps and plays. Feel secure from room to room with the GX5201, the advanced child monitoring system that allows you to see and hear what is happening on the wireless handheld monitor. This portable security solution is made possible by a 2.4GHz wireless system that includes a high-resolution camera with a built-in microphone and a large 2.5" color TFT-LCD screen monitor. Use this system at home, at work, at your business or at your daycare. The GX5201 also provides you with the ability to record a home video from any room to your VCR.

There is nothing more important than your child's safety. And for that reason, the GX5201 can see what is happening in the light but also in near complete darkness. The eight infrared LEDs make this possible, and each one gives off a beam of light invisible to the human eye, so you won't disturb your sleeping baby. The portability of the monitor allows you to keep watch over your child at all times from various locations in your home, and the sensitive built-in microphone means you will not miss even the quietest sound. You can even set the system to alert you if it detects sound over a preset level with the new sound activated alarm feature. This reliable system will be your eyes and ears when you aren't in the room.

In addition to watching over your loved ones, you can use this system for surveillance and security purposes. The monitor includes an A/V out jack, meaning you can hook it up to a VCR or DVR to record high quality color camera footage. Monitor areas of your business from your office, or use it as a home security system. The applications are endless.

The GX5201 camera is wall, ceiling or desk mountable. The system allows you to plug both the camera and monitor into any AC outlet. If no AC outlet is available, the camera can run on a rechargeable battery back and the monitor can run on AA batteries (not included). Never has a baby monitoring system been so

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