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XO Vision Styler 2GB Mp3 Player Reviews
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    July 24, 2008

    I've had this mp3 player since December of last year, and I still am not crazy about it. I wasn't expecting anything great for the price, but I was expecting it to be better than it is.

    It comes with three different colored faceplates - white, pink and black. They are hard to get off though so you can change them. It took me nearly a half hour to pry off the one that was on the player when I got it so I could put a different one on. Worse than that - it didn't work when I first got it. I spent a long time putting about 200 songs on it, then after disconnecting it from the computer and trying to listen to the songs most of them were deleted and about half of those that weren't deleted wouldn't play. I had to email the manufacturer twice before I got a reply with instructions to download a file and how to fix the player.

    For a few months after that it worked great. But now it's back to spontaneously deleting files when I turn the unit off and back on. I had about 160 songs on it the other day, and when I turned it on to use it it deleted all but 53 of them. Such a pain!

    Beyond that - there is not much to this little gadget. It's JUST an mp3 player - no bells and whistles like more expensive ones that will play videos and hold pictures etc. It does have an FM tuner and a voice recorder, but that it the extent of extra features. You can't create playlists, and there is no way to quickly find a song/artist you want to listen to. You have to scroll through all the songs on the player one at a time to get to what you want. The "shuffle" feature doesn't shuffle your songs. It just plays every third song of the first 40 on the player then repeats those songs over and over. The buttons are small and located on the side of the unit, which makes them a little difficult to use.

    This was a big waste of money. I am saving up for a better mp3 player. Don't bother with this one!

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