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Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 12, 2011

    My younger sister who is more acne prone than myself, gave me this Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit as a hand-me-down. But she got this at Target.
    One thing to note is that this skincare tool has unlimited use.
    You just have to replace the AA batteries and replenish your supply of the treatment cream.
    The handheld size of it is perfect and it's very portable.
    There's only a power button to operate it and the button turns it both on and off.
    The product automatically shuts off on its own after 5 minutes if you chose not to turn it off.
    The instructions for cleaning recommend using only soap and water after each use.
    You just have to take care not to dunk the Zeno into water when washing it since the battery compartment easily slides off and it is not waterproof. So following the instructions, I carefully wipe some soapy water on the silver treatment tip. It's very easily cleaned.
    As I mentioned, the cap easily slides off to access the battery compartment.
    I wish the cap was built in more securely - or it'd be even better if it was waterproof tight. This is why it's important to use a wiping motion with soapy lather and water to clean it. Water could easily seep into the battery compartment if liquid soap was applied straight to the heated treatment tip and the plate was dunked under running water.
    The Zeno kit comes with a 0.5 oz (14.2 g) Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Treatment.
    You'll have to repurchase this part of the kit once the treatment runs out.
    It is sold separately in 1.0 oz tubes for about $15 USD.
    I know 1.0 oz doesn't sound like a huge amount of product but the treatment spreads very easily and thinly so a tube does last a while.
    I wanted to note that the tool does not seem effective without this treatment; my skin doesn't warm up as much without the treatment and it also seems difficult to glide the tool along my skin if the treatment is not used. So repurchasing the treatment is a must to keep up this skincare regimen.
    The Zeno Treatment is a clear liquid.

    The instructions indicate to apply a thin layer of this treatment all over your face on dry skin after cleansing.
    I personally do not use this treatment all over my face because I only develop occasional pimples along my T-zone. So I only apply this treatment on my T-zone. Once it's applied you just turn on the Zeno tool and it starts to vibrate and heat up quickly. I just hold it and gently massage it against my skin.

    The one thing I found interesting about the treatment is that the consistency is oily. I think that's why without the treatment, the tool doesn't glide against my skin very well nor does my skin warm up as much. Also, once the tool powers off it is advised to leave the treatment on the skin - do not wash off the treatment. I personally don't like the consistency of the treatment which is why I mostly use it once a day. The instructions say you can use it up to three times a day....but because the treatment is so oily, I just can't see myself putting foundation or concealer on top of the treatment. That means for most days that I am wearing makeup, I won't be using Zeno in the daytime. So that only gives me a chance to use it at night after cleansing my face.

    Despite only using it once a day for the most part (I have not used it everyday consistently) I have noticed that this Zeno Treatment is very effective. I know it's marketed as a blemish prevention tool and Zeno actually makes another product for targeting actual blemishes, but I have used this Zeno heat treat prevention on a couple of actual blemishes and it has worked like a charm. The couple of blemishes that had just formed which I applied the Zeno to, had remarkably disappeared the next day. It works so well for me
    I really do love my Zeno Heat Treat and I do recommend it.
    I have sensitive skin more than anything and I am not acne prone. I'm the type of person that may get up to 2-3 hormonal zits a month at most. My younger sister on the other hand did not like this product and claimed it didn't work well for her acne prone skin. She's use to using heavy acne prescription medications so our skin types are vastly different. What works for her will not work for me.
    So that's two honest perceptions on the same product for you.

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