Zolowear Cotton Baby Sling Chai, Small Reviews


ZoloWear has been bringing mothers and babies together, beautifully, since 2001. Their award-winning baby slings are proudly made in the USA. ZoloWear slings adjust to six comfortable carrying positions. With a built-in nursing cover, ZoloWear slings are a great value, safely supporting babies from 4 to 40 lbs., preemie to preschooler. Why choose a ring sling? Ring slings have a longer learning curve but are more adjustable than pouches. Some young babies prefer the upright, or tummy-to-tummy hold, which can be difficult to achieve in a pouch because young babies who cannot hold themselves upright tend to squish down into the pocket of the pouch. With a ring sling, the top rail can be tightened to support a young baby in a vertical position. Ring slings also provide cover for discreet breastfeeding. Because the top rail on a ring sling can be let out significantly, it is easier to get a perfect position for breastfeeding in a ring sling. Features & Benefits: Infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit, which means it can be worn by more than one caretaker Easy to get baby high and tight Breastfeeding friendly = Discreet breastfeeding Fit preemie to preschooler Great for tummy to tummy hold Patch pocket with zipper closure on tale of sling can be used to store your personal items, pacifiers, keys, whatever you need! Fabric is Cool 97% cotton/3% stretch sateen/100% fabulous! Includes FREE interactive instructional DVD See below for a size chart so you are sure to get just the right fit!

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