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Baked Goods Reviews

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betty crocker low fat fudge brownie

4 reviews

Wow! What do I say about this delicious box of heaven!! Omg they are so chewy and fudgey! I couldn't keep them in the house as they disappeared so quickly!
Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Red Velvet Cake Mix

18 reviews

Duncan Hines always is a go to mix. So easy, always tastes great and who doesn't love red velvet! Use the ready made Icining and please the whole family!
Vachon Miami Cakes

5 reviews

As far as boxed cakes go I really enjoy Vachon. Out of them all Miami's are my favorite. What's not to love. A nice light spongy cake with sweet creamy frosting on top, encompassed with toasted coconut. These go perfectly with a cold glass of milk.
Vachon Jos Louis Cakes

19 reviews

Who doesn’t love a good sweet treat. While these are basic for a snack they’re fantastic. I love that I can find these snacks almost anywhere. I make sure to always have a box at home as my favourite treat
Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla

39 reviews

The vachon 1/2 lune moon is a great snack or appetizer when you have cravings for sweet cake like. it's my hubby and i favorite to buy in store, he even have this on his lunchbox at work. its yummy and tasty and plus its creamy. i will purchase this as always.
Vachon Ah Caramel The Original Cakes

67 reviews

This is the perfect example of over indulgence! The cake is moist, the cream filling is extremely sweet and the caramel is to die for, plus its all neatly sealed away by a coating a chocolate, so whats not to love? They are almost too sweet in their own way, and ive got a wicked...
Vachon The Original May West Cakes

27 reviews

If you've never had a may west, you're missing out of life. The perfect amount of cream and chocolate is in a may west. It's absolutely delicious with a glass of milk. When I was a kid, we always had may wests in the house. I loved them then and I love them now. Highly recommend!
Fibre 1 110 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownies

20 reviews

The fibre 1 Brownies were not the best tasting brownies I’ve ever had but unfortunately I’ve found that with most things that are good for you, some taste is sacrificed. I would buy them again because they are a good source of fibre and are not the worse tasting brownie I...
Fibre One Brownies

13 reviews

i like brownies in general, like the chocolate flavour, not too sweet, not too blend. the fibre one brownies have good nutritious value. good and healthy snack
Kraft Jello No Bake Real Cheesecake Dessert

11 reviews

The packaged desserts are not my favorites, because they do not have the quality and flavor that freshly made ones have, but in this case, this dessert is delicious. Ready to eat, the exact sweet and the good quality make it a dessert that you should always have in your...
Costco - Lemon Cream Cheese Crumble/Crisp

1 review

This is delicious! Be prepared to fall in love, with a pastry. Costco bakes an absolutely incredible crumble/crisp. It has a flaky crust - on top of the crust is a layer of cream cheese.. Then it's filled with a delicious, and flavourful lemon filling. Then, of course topped...
Duo Penotti Hazelnut and Vanilla Spread

3 reviews

Je n'ai vraiment pas aimé ce mélange de noisettes et vanille, il me semble que c'est deux saveurs qui ne vont pas ensemble. De plus, beaucoup trop sucré à mon goût.
Grissol Sweet Thins - Chocolate Brownie

2 reviews

While shopping for some healthy Snacks I came accross the Grissol Sweet thins. It comes in few flavours, but I picked Chocolate Brownie and Lemon Poppyseed. They are basically thin crispy toasts and are packaged separetly, therefore really convienient to carry in purse. The two...
Duncan Hines Strawberry Flavoured Cupcakes

4 reviews

I loved the strawberry cupcake part of this and actually wish the packaging was cohesive enough that I could back a cake with it. But the icing on top just never taste really good so I stop making it. But the actual cake part is fabulous. You have to try it! It's moist and...
Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Potatoes

16 reviews

Love how quick and simple this product is..! Just add to bowling water..! Add butter, it’s mind blowing how quick and easy it is wot whip up some mashed potatoes..!
Walkers Crisps Cheese and Onion

4 reviews

If you want a snack and love cheese and onion you NEED to pick up a pack of these! There light and nicely baked! Wow when you bite into them it's like you bought the queens criss! In fact the queen approved the crisp company! Why not reaserch it it's true!
Tutti gourmet biscotti

2 reviews

I have never really been one to care about gluten free or all those healthy titles.. I tried Tutti’s Biscotti only because it was 50% off one day. Well I ate the whole bag!!! I had to go back and get more. It’s dairy free, corn free, soy free and it was delicious. Instead of...
Coconut Chips by Coconut Organics

11 reviews

What I like about these chips is that it is Gluten free and has no sugar. It really does not need any sugar because the coconut flavour is enough to give it the perfect sweetness and crunchiness. It is a great snack and I will definitely buy it again.
Vachon Morning Muffin Banana And Chocolate Bars

15 reviews

I received this product for free. I'm not a big fan of banana flavoured food items but this was surprisingly good for one. My eldest and myself enjoyed the soft texture (and she's one that is picky with food textures). Overall, I would say that they are a good snack for busy...
Fibre One Cinnamon Coffee Cake

1 review

My husband bought these for me and they are delicious!!! I have one with a cup of tea and sigh it is bliss ;) A sweet guilt free indulgence