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Cereal Reviews

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Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Crispy Almonds Cerea

2 reviews

This cereal is so amazing! It’s healthy and sweet. I love to eating this with almond, flakes, and cluster. so delicious! I would to like buy this cereal again. I definitely recommended this!
great value maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal

1 review

My favourite flavour of oatmeal out there. This has the perfect amount of flavouring after it is made. I did not find it have a bitter after taste in my mouth as well. It's inexpensive I think I bought it for like $2 and it comes in easy to pot pouches. Definitely worth the buy.
Glutenfreeda Granola

1 review

While I was in the market for more granola and out grocery shopping one day I discovered a granola that I had not seen or heard about called Glutenfreeda Granola. It came in 2 varieties so I purchased the Cranberry Cashew Honey. There were 4 portions individually wrapped...
Froot Loops Birthday Cake

6 reviews

The taste itself isnt awful but they have a fucky aftertaste my son and I hated. The entire box went to waste. A definite waste of money. Dont bother trying.
Kellogg's All Bran Original

5 reviews

All bran allows me to stay on track with my diet and provides enough fibre to get me through to lunchtime. This is a weekday staple 5 days a week. Always recommend this cereal
Special K Cereal with Red Berries

22 reviews

Special K Red Berries cereal is a favourite at our house! It has great taste! It actually contains a lot of dried strawberries in the box. We even use it to make homemade Special K bars. Just use it in place of Rice Krispies cereal when making Rice Krispie squares. You will love...
Sally’s Cereal Marshmallow Moment

6 reviews

Thank you Sally for giving us a cereal thats affordable and fantastic. I love all of your cereals. Can you please make fruit loops next? Ps I named my cat Sally
Red mill's oat bran

3 reviews

I enjoy Bob's Red Mill brand for its many ground grain products. The flavor is fresh, never stale. This Scottish oatmeal makes the perfect chewy breakfast that with just a few berries and a sprinkling of brown sugar keeps you full for a long time.
Nestle Nesquick Cereal

17 reviews

I rate it +5 but for the one I always purchase in Poland. The one I can get in Canada it's like +3 maybe... The flavor is so much different than the one in Europe. I guess it depends on the chocolate they use. In Canada it taste so fake, in Europe I could it it every day because...
Selection Apples and Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal

1 review

I bought this pack of oatmeal at Food Basics, and was I ever impressed! The taste of the apple and cinnamon is very prominent (more so than in any other brand I've tried, including Quaker). I accidentally put a little bit too much water and expected diluted flavour, but NOT AT...
Mountain House Granola with Milk and Blueberries

1 review

This granola from Mountain House really surprised me. The idea of adding cold water to a bag of granola with 'energizing dried fruit, fiber, and unsaturated fats' just did not sound like it would be very tasty, especially for a snack or for breakfast. Thankfully when I did...
Kellogg's All Bran Granola

4 reviews

C'est un produit idéal pour une collation sur le pouce ou encore comme complément a un lunch. Le gout est délicieux et les saveurs sont bien variées.
Kelloggs AppleJacks Cereal

11 reviews

I came across this cereal recently in my local grocery store and decided to give it a shot. The kids love it and I dont mind it at all, it's not to sweet for a breakfast. I do not remeber this as a kid but apparently it was just as popular as cinnamon toast crunch... who knew. I...
Quaker Apple Cranberry Almond Natural Granola

7 reviews

This is my number one breakfast option. Its so yummy and filling. My whole family love and enjoy it. Would gladly recommend. Taste so delicious and rich in flavours
carrington farms good grains flax and chia blend

2 reviews

I love chia and flax and used to purchase each product separately. I love how I can run into the store, grab a bag of Carrington Farms good grains flax and chia blend and have a quick and healthy addition to my salads, soups, yogurt, and sandwiches. They also come in...
Muslix With Real Fruit And Nuts Apple Crisp

1 review

Muslix Apple Crisp doesn't taste overly sweet which is one of the main reasons I like it. It tastes very natural with the light taste of dried apples and cinnamon. This cereal is pretty much made up of whole grain cereal with rolled oats, rolled barley, dried apple pieces and...
Buddha Belly Bakery gluten-free vegan Granola Cereal

1 review

I hate Granola cereal that are currently in the supermarkets because they're so damn sweet; until I tasted Buddha Belly Bakery Gluten-free Vegan Granola cereal. It's not overly sweet and it's quite tasty! I also ate it as a snack. The best Granola cereal I've ever had!
General Mills Corn Chex Cereal

2 reviews

This is the only cereal my husband eats. It’s so crunchy we even sometimes snack on it plain. The kids sometimes choose this cereal over sugary ones....that’s how goo it is.
Cars Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Special Edition

2 reviews

I purchased this cereal at Walmart when it was on sale for $2. The box is not family sized but it is regular. There is a good amount of cereal in each box. I found the cereal itself had a nice flavor to it. You really get that cinnamon and spice. The texture of the cereal...

2 reviews

Un nouvel essai pour moi cet été, c'est les céréales Grainshop. Ça me change de mon habituelle céréale biologique, en flocons ou en o. Celles-ci ne sont pas entièrement bio, mais au moins le maïs l'est. Et c'est canadien. J'aime bien ce type de céréales pas trop...