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Cocktail Mixes Reviews

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Mott's Clamato Reserve

701 reviews

I tried this clamato reserve with family members on a caesar sunday and there were mixed reviews. For some it was way too spicy! I like the look of the bottle and the size was big enough to share with others. I'm not sure I would buy again for myself but would to share with...
Mott's Mr & Mrs T Blue Raspberry Martini Cocktail Mix

283 reviews

This kind of mixes is so so good. I live the state of the mix. I would be Ble to try another mix just to look for more good drinks to taste. This drink is so good to drink and food feeling in the belly
Mott's Mr & Mrs T Mai Tai Cocktail Mix

281 reviews

A delicious mixer for a quick Mai Tai tropical treat. It is super sweet but not overpowering and blends well over ice or blended into a fruity grown up slushie. Easily accessible and affordable, too.
Mott's Mr & Mrs T Pina Colada Cocktail Mix

131 reviews

I love this mix!!! It’s the perfect blend of coconut and pineapple and it’s not too tart! It’s just the right amount of sweet and blends perfectly! I will definitely be buying this again and again! I recommend it to anyone looking for a virgin pina colada mix!
Mott's Mr & Mrs T Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mix

121 reviews

started making frozen daiquiris using this mix the past summer and what a great refreshing drink on a hot summer day. very tasty - a little sweet unless you like that - added some frozen berries and little flavor water
Mott's Mr & Mrs T Margarita Cocktail Mix

118 reviews

I got this today because we LOVE margaritas but never tried making them ourselves. From reading reviews this was highly reccomend and it does not disappoint.All I added was Gold Sauza Tequila and ice and that was it. Taste just like the one I order out. I'll be making Margaritas...
W&P;Craft Cocktail Set - The Bloody Mary

1 review

I bought this as something fun to do on the plane. It comes with a little bag with the seasoning mix, salt to rim, little metal stirring spoon and a linen napkin ( all in a metal tin ). Also comes with instructions on how to mix, just asked for the vodka and tomato juice to mix...
Malibu Pina Colada

1 review

I am a big fan of Malibu anyway with coke, lemonade, well, anything! Then this new pina colada came along and I had to try it. It is sweet, but I have a sweet tooth, so it might not be for everyone. I found the amount of fizz to be good, not too much, not to little. It left...
Zing zang Bloody Mary mix

1 review

This is hands down, the best Bloody Mary mix in the market. The spices added are just right, not too overwhelming. At the same time, this mix is not wimpy, too tomatoish or watery. Literally every single person I’ve turned on to this mix has switched to using it themselves. I...
Little Buddha Cocktail Co

1 review

Great organic cocktail in a can! Great taste, not overly sweet and syrupy like some other canned versions. This one had some sugar, and only 90 calories!
Georgian Bay Vodka Smash

1 review

I was out on the weekend with friends and one of the options available was the Georgian Bay vodka smash. I enjoy vodka drinks and it was grapefruit so I figured I would like it. However between my friend and I who both bought one, we may be drank half of one can between the two...
jack daniels whisky and cola

1 review

i had this drink at my friend's place and i must say, this is soooo good. i love coke but mix it with whisky, the first for me since i'm not a big whisky fan. but this drink is superb ! love it
Bodega Bay Elderflower, lemon and mint

1 review

I was hoping for a refreshing drink low alcohol content, but what I got was a fizzy mint drink. How often in life have you wanted a fizzy mint drink? Never, I likely say. The flavour is meant to be elderflower, lemon and mint, but the mint was way too much. All I got was...
sidekick cola

1 review

This tastes absolutely stunning!!! I love it way to much and if you mix it with coco cola it’s perfect! Well worth having a try as it’s great for parties and occasional get together

1 review

The edible sparkling flakes on the inside of this beverage make it well worth the purchase even if it tastes a bit sour we have the rose a flavor the kids didn't pay for the adults found it interesting although the kids were taken back by the glitter
Mott's Clamato Pickled Bean

15 reviews

I have to be honest, I was never a Mott’s fan when it came to their caesars, I preferred Smirnoff; but when Smirnoff caesars became nothing but a memory, I was more open to trying the new flavours by Mott’s... Holy fric’n yummy!!! I was so surprised by the way my tastebuds...
Cocktail Artist Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

2 reviews

the package is so different from other cocktail and i did pay more attention to it. my friend bought it for us to try and it was good. it's perfect for the summer
Daily's Strawberry Daquiri Mix

1 review

I've loved this daquiri mix since I was a kid. Best Strawberry Daquiri ive ever tasted- HANDS DOWN!! My mom used to make me virgin Strawberey Daquiris as a kid when we were at family parties or whatever and i loved them. They're sooo fruity, refreshing and absolutely delish. Now...
Rooh Afza

1 review

This is a rose syrup based concentrate which can either mixed with cold water or mix with lemonade to give it rose flavour. Or it can enjoyed in cold milk as a milk shake. Tastes amazing just need 1 or 2 tablespoons per cup. We have been drinking this for ages. I love this drink.
Rose's Lime Cordial

1 review

This stuff is amazing, not too sweet, just the right amount of lime, not too acidic. No bitter aftertaste and a great mixer for many drinks, I even add some in my water. I add it to home made margaritas, Perrier water and vodka, or club soda and vodka, always with a fresh lime...