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Kitchen Cleaning Products Reviews

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Lysol all purpose cleaner lemon

12 reviews

Smells very good, and clean very well. The only thing is that it is too strong. Not a problem, but you should definitely use a glove. I would recommend.
Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid

57 reviews

This dish soap not only smells great - it is great. I've given a 'strength test' as to which it has proven to me it is tougher than most. It is all natural which is great. The best part is that for all that you are getting it at a low price. I would recommend this dish soap...
Flash all purpose febreze blossom & breeze

7 reviews

Love using this in my bathroom n floor make the house smell beautiful n clean I use it on sink n bath shower it dose a great job use with ease very good at cleaning the shower head
Dawn dishwashing soap concentrate

9 reviews

I love Dawn dish detergent but this one seams to not perform verry well it dose not do as good as a job as the original Dawn.I think its because of the concentrate! Im not sure but i wont buy again.
Fairy Liquid Original For Dishes

8 reviews

Amazing. Use it for everything, dishes, floors, stain remover (just add directly onto clothes and then wash). What more could you ask for VANISH who needs you!
Dawn blue

3 reviews

I always buy dawn dish soap. Its worth the money and you know your dishes are coming out clean as can be. I wouldn’t use any other brand. Smells good a little bit goes a long way, so it lasts a while
Palmolive dish liquid soap lavender and lime

9 reviews

9your washing your dishes and _ou picture a field of lavender it relaxes you you get a little lost in the sent and before you know it the dishes are done
Lavender pinesol

5 reviews

I have been using Lavender Pinesol forever. I pretty much use that to clean and sterilize my home. I love the sense. It freshens up..Makes me feel peace at home. The cost is reasonable. It is easy to find at stores. I will always be using this.
Miele dishwasher tabs

1 review

A friend suggested these after listening to me complain that I could find nothing to remove the tea and coffee stains on our mugs. These things are like magic! Our dishes have never been cleaner. Even the inside of our dishwasher sparkles! They are definitely pricey but so...
Surcare Washing Up Liquid

1 review

I am so happy with this product, I've always struggled with sensitive skin and have never got on with products like Fairy washing up liquid it's always given me a rash and upset my skin, Surcare is quite the opposite it's been great on my skin and cleans all my dishes perfectly.
Cif antibacterial ultra fast

1 review

I'm a super clean freak, when I clean I like it to smell like it's clean. This product not only cleans sufficiently but leaves a clean fresh smell. It also kills 99.9% bacteria.
spick n span

1 review

I love spic n span kitchen cleaner! it smells clean like a light lavender , works immediately without soaking or scrubbing. It cleans counters, stoves, fridges, sinks, and more!
Finish Jet Dry Rinse Agent

28 reviews

I thought my dishwasher was not cleaning my glassware very well so I purchased this product to try to fix my glasses from coming out rather foggy looking. Wow what a change from the cheaper brand I had been using . The glasses were clear as It saved me from replacing my nice...
Ultra ajax Dishwashing Liquid

1 review

Today I bought ultra Ajax triple action Dish soap on a wim because I had a coupon and I absolutely love it it cleans hard stuck on good and grease also has a great orange smell it also has 100% real citrus extract I will definitely be repurchasing I highly recommend
Mrs. Meyer's Multi surface everyday cleaner

1 review

I absolutely love the Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. One of my favorite is the multi surface everyday cleaner. It is great for removing dirt, grime and all kinds of kitchen messes as well as freshens the surface with a beautiful scent. These products are made from Plant based...
Dawn ultra pure essentials lavender wisp scent

1 review

I love this dish soap. I like that’s it’s clear, it cleans really well, and a little seems to go a long way. The smell is so good that I’ve considered buying a few in case they decide to discontinue.
Oxo Good Grips Little Dustpan and brush

1 review

I’ve needed a mini dustpan and brush just for little cleanups. But the other day I actually thought to order something. The OXO seems to be well made - hard plastic and I like the way the brush attaches and it doesn’t take up much space. A bit like a modern silent butler...
Hey Mom Stainless Steel Cleaner

1 review

I love how well this product works. I was not expecting it to work as well as strong cleaners but was pleasently surprised. I like how it comes with its own cleaning cloth and that a little goes a long way. I was not a huge fan of the smell because I do not like the smell of...
Bounty Basic paper towels

7 reviews

These paper towels are a little more expensive to buy but so worth the price as a single towel can be washed and used again, which I cant say for any other paper towel that I have bought. This is one of few items that I bulk buy when on sale.
Dawn Pure Essentials Lavender Wisp Scent Dishwashing Liquid

11 reviews

Dawn is amazing in almost every room of the house! Whether it's dishes, stains on clothes or carpet to removing bugs off of your windshield this stuff rocks!