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Kitchen Cleaning Products Reviews

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Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid

60 reviews

This dish soap not only smells great - it is great. I've given a 'strength test' as to which it has proven to me it is tougher than most. It is all natural which is great. The best part is that for all that you are getting it at a low price. I would recommend this dish soap...
Dawn dishsoap

5 reviews

Dawn dish soap is by far the best soap to cut greasy dishes and stubborn stuck on food. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts a long time. It is also great for getting grease out of clothing and keeping my roses free from bugs and mildew. A very versatile product!
Fairy Liquid Original For Dishes

11 reviews

Good to use for unvlean dishes . My number one. Is quite cheap. You can wash thoudands dishes with it. My all family using this brand. It is perfect!!
Palmolive Lavender & Lime Ultra Dish Soap

13 reviews

I bought this product on sale recently. I normally use another brand, but was pleasantly surprised b this as i really enjoyed the scent most of all. I will purchase this soap again.
Dawn Escapes New Zealand Springs Scent

22 reviews

I love dawn products, but this is by far my favorite. I love the scent and even better the clean it gives my dishes. Cut's away the toughest grease, very affordable and easy to locate in the store.
YVY Naturals

1 review

YVY Naturals (pronounced ee-vee) was almost like using a K-Cup. You simply fill a spray container with water, place the "eco-friendly pod" into the spray bottle, screw the cap back on which then allows the cleaner to go into the bottle and you now have a safe cleaner that gets...
Flash all purpose febreze blossom & breeze

7 reviews

Love using this in my bathroom n floor make the house smell beautiful n clean I use it on sink n bath shower it dose a great job use with ease very good at cleaning the shower head
Kirkland dishwasher detergent pacs

1 review

We've been out having this for 2 years now. Lasts us close to 6-7 months and we run our dishwasher every second day. Gets the dishes clean and smells good too !!!
Sunlight Dishsoap

1 review

I use sunlight soap for and array Of things Dishes suds from beginning to end stains on clothing Absolutely effortless cleaning of my pets and so much more
Palmolive Coconut & Jasmine dish liquid

2 reviews

Definitely my favourite dish soap. Love the scent, and I do love a good sale..so it’s nice that I can often find this brand on sale at Walmart. Good bang for your buck!
Gain dishsoap

2 reviews

Wanted to try as smelled good. Was very good at removing grease from dishes and cleaned pans great. Took very small amount. I would give a 6 out of 5 if I could.
Oxo bottle brush

1 review

The oxo bottle brush is a sturdy product that’s fantastic to wash baby bottles or my reusable stainless steel bottles. It has a stand and drains nicely which can be emptied later into the sink. It’s durable and the brush is similar material to a tooth brush but keeps its...
Palmolive essential clean

1 review

Currently using it and the best so far. It smells like fresh lemon that last quite long on utensils. It easily cleans all the grease leave a shine on utensils. Added one more this donot irritate the hand.
Elvas all natural squeak concentrated dish wash

1 review

Love the all natural aspect of this product and the fact that it is such a concentrated product that you only need a small amount to do a sink full of dishes I also rarely need my scrubbier for tough stuck on food it comes right off after a little soak Greta for the price
Palmolive Dish Liquid Essential Clean Apple Pear

15 reviews

Clean and clear is exactly that, clear and light, pleasant smelling and tough on grease. It produces a nice amount of suds. Cleans the coconut oil residue from the pots and pans with very little effort, and even removes lipstick from glasses. It is gentle enough to clean eye...
Dawn ultra dishwashing soap

1 review

This product works good it gets the grease out of stuff and it gentle on your hands it really takes the grease away from dishes its gentle on animals I recommend it to everyone
CASCADE PLATINUM ACTIONPACS dishwasher  detergent, fresh scent or lemon scent

3 reviews

i love how effective and convenient these are i just need pop one pod nad its done. my dishes smells fresh and clean.i just wish they were lil cheap. even though it wont stop me from buying them again.
Fantastik Advanced Kitchen & Grease Cleaner

1 review

So my husband and I needed to gut out rental property- the tenants who moved out were DISGUSTING and deep fried every day. Everything in the kitchen was COVERED in grease. I tried all my usual super duty cleaners but nothing would budge it...then I tried this on a complete...
Lavender pinesol

6 reviews

I use this product regularly to clean my car and windows. I love the smell that it leaves behind and refreshes my car. it also does an exceptional job cleaning and i use this for almost all of my cleaning related tasks.
Method All-Purpose Cleaner in French Lavender

11 reviews

I love this cleaner! There’s so many great things to say about it. It’s eco friendly and made with natural ingredients, it cuts through grease and grime, and it smells AMAZING. I use this on my counter tops and in my sink and it never leaves behind any residue! Definitely a...