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Body Sprays Reviews

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AXE Black Body Spray

306 reviews

I have been using Axe products for years now. When people comment about the smell, it is generally in a positive way, especially this one. It is not as strong as a cologne, just a nice fresh smell.
AXE Gold Body Spray

305 reviews

I got this as a sample to try for my husband and must I say I was very mesmerized by the smell of this. Very refreshing and calming, unlike others it didn’t hit me in the nose when my husband was wearing it. Hubby loved it and we’ve already bought another one of these. Must...
AXE YOU Body Spray

206 reviews

Another added smell my collection of axe products, back and forth with them daily and is definitely in my top 3 for effectiveness, smells great, chicks dig it and lasts all day. Great for the I didn't have time to shower days or an quick blast if freshening.
AXE® Ice Chill™ Body Spray

179 reviews

This body spray has been my teenager best friend. It’s great for the gym bag, and after practice. The spray holds all day too. I would definitely recommend it.
AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray

167 reviews

This spray smelt so good and it lasted awhile. My gf wants me to wear it a lot more and expects me to buy it all of the time which I was planning to anyways.
AXE Sneakers and Cookies Body Spray

107 reviews

this has a really nice smell to it I would recommend it ti anyone this is the best product out there to buy in stores for deodorant it is a good brand to buy
AXE Phoenix Body Spray

98 reviews

i love the smell of the scent it is very nice axe has a really nice smell and I would recommend it to anyone axe is one of the best deodorants out there
AXE Apollo Body Spray

125 reviews

I use this quite often. The smell is very refreshing although I find as a person with hyperhidrosis, it wouldn't hurt to have a refresher spray towards the end of day. I always try abd find these when on sale.
Axe Skateboards & Fresh Roses Body Spray

79 reviews

Nothing beats feeling fresh through the day. First washing in the shower with the body wash and giving a nice spray of the body spray. And through the day, I can refresh quick with another spay if need be, nice good travel size.
AXE Wild Body Spray

68 reviews

i really like this product because of its new fragrance and long lasting sense of taste that can be felt even after five to six hours. relly recommend this item.
AXE Excite Body Spray

73 reviews

Je trouve que c’est du parfum qui dégage une mauvaise odeur très forte je ne trouve pas les lot pour d’écrire l’odeur et de plus c’est un parfum de base qualité
AXE Anarchy Daily Fragrance

63 reviews

This scent smells amazing and I would definitely buy this product again. Also, unlike most sprays, this one doesn't leave stains which is good. For someone looking to smell good, give this spray a try.
AXE Kilo Body Spray

60 reviews

I love axe, some scents more than others and Kilo is definitely one of my faves. It lasts a long time so my bf smells fresh all day. Highly recommend this spray.
AXE Anarchy Body Spray

33 reviews

This body spry even though it was made for men i tried it on and its amazing i love the smell of the mens over the women's iys adapted formula is the best i recommend this to men or women👍👍👍👍👍
AXE Gold Temptation Body Spray

30 reviews

It smells really good, I have sensitive skin and it didn't make my skin itchy. I also have excema and it didn't dry out my skin. The scent is not too overpowering.
Axe body spray duo wood and vanilla

1 review

I would buy this product again, love the scent, overall great product, we always buy axe and love them all.Also tried the axe body wash and it smelled great.
Axe swagger

1 review

One of many things that I use for masking smells hahah but is one of the better one in the product line and i get pretty much all them and probably keep using.
Adidas team force body spray

1 review

I like this body spray, my girl friend bought me it as a gift and I been using it ever since. It smells amazing, the only thing is, it seem to only come in the set.
Bath & Body Works Ocean Body Spray

2 reviews

This ocean body spray smells nice, very refreshing and not too strong. It is good quality and I love the packaging. It’s easy to use, good product overall
Alfred sung

1 review

The go to for any woman who wants to feel special. The floral scent is uplifting and carries you away to the field of flowers that enchants our memories