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Men's Body Wash Reviews

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Dial For Men Power Scrub Body Wash with Orange Oil

3 reviews

Dial for men is a product that is low in price and serves its pupose well. The orange smell is both invigorating and refreshing. It even leaves your skin softS!
AXE White Label Island Body Wash

3 reviews

The New AXE White Label products are amazing stuff! Mainly the ISLAND body wash and spray. Suits me very well and I will continue to buy this product over and over! It's still the same AXE that you can count on, but the White Label collection is definitely a nice change from the...
Axe White Label Night Body Wash

1 review

Axe body wash was on special so my wife decided to pick me up a bottle. Axe White Label comes in a simple white bottle which is befitting to the name. The color might be surprising to some since it is a purple color. As far as body washes go it was sudsy and left me feeling...
Method Men Body Wash Sea + Surf

3 reviews

Even though I'm not a man, once I smelled this I knew it had to be my main body wash. I love anything that smells like the woods/tobacco. It's also a nice formula and doesn't dry me out.
Old spice pure sport body wash

34 reviews

I just love the smell of old spice on my guys from the body washes, deodorants, colognes and after shave. They are not over powering like some other men's products out there and when your guy works in the health sector that means a lot
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE ACTIVE+FRESH Micro Moisture Body+Face Wash

1 review

My husband tried this product, admittedly with a little reluctance as he has pretty sensitive skin so trying any new body care products is a little risky. After only the first use he was convinced! He described it as having a nice lather, creamy texture and leaving his skin...
Gillette hydrate and body wash

2 reviews

My girlfriend got this for me to try. I liked it but not sure if it something that i would buy again. It did leave my skin feeling a little dryer and some of the other products that i have used in the past
Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash

140 reviews

I love this product I buy it for my boyfriend and for the last year it’s the only type he will use! I love the smell of it! It leaves his skin feeling good. It’s great quality for your money aswell!
Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shield Body Wash

29 reviews

Feels great in the shower and lathers great on the sponge. I prefed dove men over other brands. Little more expensive than other brands but worth it really.
Lynx ice body wash

6 reviews

It’s a nice Products but I would only really buyer and it is on offer due to the high price. It smells nice and covers well does tend to last a long time but still the price is putting
L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power Cleanser Menthol

1 review

In the construction industry you get dirty, your face gets oily and on occasion you pass out on the couch without showering and wake up with enough time to get dressed and do it again. With this face cleanser even if you haven't showered you alive and ready to go when you jump...
Old Spice Swagger Body Wash

24 reviews

Im a long time user of Old Spice products so I thought that Id give this one a try. Its smells great and has a good lather and doesnt dry out the skin. Id definitley recommened.
Dove Men + Care Sensitive Face Wash

3 reviews

I love this product as it cleans my face without leaving it dry. The wash isn’t irritating and the scent is fresh and manly. It can be used a every day of the week without a problem.
Dial For Men Recharge 3-in-1 Revitalizing Body Wash

934 reviews

My husband and son just loved this product. The smell, the lather and I loved the price point. I would definitely be buying this product again. The company itself is a trusted one which made me interested in this product to try.
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Foaming Body Wash

128 reviews

Would recommend this product to men and women. You can definitely feel the cleansing feeling after using. And it's got such a great fresh smell to it.
Dove Men +Care Elements Minerals+Sage 2-in-1 Body and Face Wash

129 reviews

Sage and minerals scent is phenomenal. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. Great price and great value. I would definetly purchase this again and again.
Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Foaming Body Wash

124 reviews

My boyfriend loves this body wash, it cleans well, gentle on the skin, the skin doesn’t feel dry after use. I tried it several times too, it’s a good product
AXE Sneakers and Cookies Body Wash

114 reviews

I would recommend this body wash to anyone, male ot female who's looking for a great body wash. I was gifted this body wash a few months ago. And have since bought two more bottle I enjoy it so much!
AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge Body Wash

110 reviews

Smells amazing, great quality had no issues, price point is good. And smells lasts all day! Would high suggest for someone wanting to try out a new and amazing scent.
Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Micro Moisture Body + Face Wash

68 reviews

My cousin loves the Men's Body Wash I purchased for him as part of hid Birthday gift. He loved how it lathered up great, the scent and how it left his skin feeling soft and no dryness or residue left on his skin. He went out shopping and bought the entire line of The Dove Men's...