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Orange is the New Black season one

13 reviews

I heard about this show when it first came to Netflix back in 2013. I have binge watched it every year the weekend of it's release. I look forward to it but at the same time worry it won't match the previous season. It always does though so I end up pleasantly surprised. It's...
Finding Dory (2016)

12 reviews

Can we all not agree that baby dory was just the cutest thing ever and her voice so so so adorable.and I'm not going to lie, when she was lost I teared up ,great family film and a must see
Grease dvd

16 reviews

I think all teenage girls should watch this show. it shows that even back in the day school has the same type of peer pressure. but this also has a great story line

16 reviews

this is a movie about an ogre who lives in a swamp. other fairy tale creatures show up in this movie too. it has a lot of cute singing and dancing in it
Wonder Woman (2017)

3 reviews

if you like the comic book movies then you would like this movie. i also like that it centers around a woman character instead of always having male ones.
That 70's Show

24 reviews

i used to rush home everyday from school to make sure i did my homework in time to be able to watch that 70's show. was super popular when i was in school.
super wings

2 reviews

my kids really like this show. it has a lot of moving and bright objects to keep their attention. plus they go all over the world so they learn different things.
cliffords really big movie

2 reviews

I used to really enjoy reading this books as a child. Seeing it turned into a movie is pretty neat. I think they can have some really good story lines.
Dear John dvd

14 reviews

this movie will make you cry. it is a sweet love story between two people. i really enjoy all the twists in it. its funny how a movie can go a lot different than you think.
Jurassic Park

22 reviews

This is the best dinosaur movie that was ever made. I really enjoy the characters in it. it has a good story line to it. i also think they did a god job on the dinosaurs
13 Going on 30 (2004)

20 reviews

i really enjoyed this movie. i think its super cool that when you watch a movie long enough with the character playing different parts. you actually picture a new person
A Walk to Remember dvd

13 reviews

I love love. so when there is a good romance movie out there i make sure to watch it. if you are a fan of romance movies. then watch this one. you will not be disapointed
Home Alone

7 reviews

I love watching the movie home alone during Christmas time.I already own the movie. I recommend others to buy too. You would like to watch with your family.Now days it doesn’t even cost a lot to buy that movie. It is best movie ever.

11 reviews

This movie was great! Amazing animation, songs and storyline. The message of never give up on your dreams and don't judge people based on stereotypes is portrayed perfectly in this movie!
Soul Surfer (2011)

7 reviews

there are not to many surfer movies available to watch yet alone one staring a female. i really enjoyed this movie. had a great story line to it. would watch again.
Sweet Home Alabama

21 reviews

this is one of my all time favorite movies of all time. i love the banter between the two main characters. and i think it is a very romatic movie as well.
be cool scooby doo

2 reviews

i normally enjoy the scooby doo shows but this one wasnt as good. the animation isnt as good as previous shows. still has a neat story line to it though.
James Bond - Casino Royale

4 reviews

this is one action packed movie. about a spy who is trying to stop all kinds of different criminals. has a pretty good plot to it. and the acting is well done.
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

4 reviews

I love love this movie the music is the best. opening with Mr. blue sky was amazing this movie is so entertaining the whole time. I have seen it over and over
Saved By The Bell

17 reviews

i used to run home to make sure i got there in time to make a snack and watch this show. if you were born in the 1980s chances are you watched this show.