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324 reviews

Since I first got Netflix the price has almost doubled, yet the content is inconsistent. I really only keep it to have background noise. I swear they got rid of all my favorite shows now.
Frozen, the Disney Movie

116 reviews

Let it go, let it go. I enjoyed this movie, as it was family friendly. There were lots of funny parts, and I liked the scenes when the sisters were playing with each other when they were little. I also liked the part where Elsa ran away. The character Olaf has some good humor...
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

78 reviews

quite outdated in its theme/topic at hand. The comedic efforts of Robin Williams outshine the film that would have otherwise flopped, if he were not in it.
The Blindside

65 reviews

If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you sit down RIGHT NOW and watch it... I will wait .... OKAY GREAT, now that we've got that over with, here's some tissues for you and I will keep the rest of the box cause I usually need them lol. Honestly, I am nearly 3O and I seen...
The Little Mermaid

53 reviews

I've grown up with the little mermaid my absolute favorite movie of all time .and I can just imagine how awesome the live action one will be Ariel is a spunky teen who doesn't listen to her dad but she learns her dad was right but in the end saves the day and gets the guy !!...
Maleficent (2014)

56 reviews

Really good film, Worth a watch. Great action parts as well as a really good story line. Brilliant actors play in this film, Love Angelina jolie! Plays en excellent charactor. Good Saturday afternoon family movie.
The Lion King

43 reviews

I grew up on Disney movies and now my kids are too! My son is obsessed with the Lion King! The story line is so powerful and sends a great message to kids, and to adults! As an adult I never get tired of watching Lion King, despite multiple viewings any given week. And the...
Beauty and the Beast

39 reviews

This movie is a classic. It was my favorite Disney movie while growing up. I found it showed children alot to do with compassion and love. It went from being my favorite to my daughter's favorite and in time with will be passed onto grandchildren.
Mean Girls (2004)

38 reviews

This was a classic and one of the best movies on the market when I was in school. This came out when I was going into middle school so me and my friends got it as soon as it was out and we watched it I loved it right away. It had so many of my favorite actresses, Rachael McAdams...
Ratatouille (2007)

56 reviews

i like the setting of this movie. i also like the story line behind it as well. there are not very many good mouse movies around since the great mouse detective until this one.

33 reviews

This has been my favourite movie since I was little. Every time I watched it I have cried, including in front of my class in secondary school, but so was everyone else. I went to see it in the cinema in 3D and it was the most incredible experience, everyone there felt like we...
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

37 reviews

This is the first adult romance movie I ever saw growing up, and thus it holds an important part of my heart. The movie itself has an interesting storyline, and cute ending. It is easy and fun to follow. Mind you when I was younger some of the concepts were hard to follow, but I...
Despicable Me 2 (3D Blu-ray Combo)

36 reviews

i didnt think this would be as good as the first movie but it really was. i love how the girls play more of a role in this one. and i like the story line behind it.
Full House

34 reviews

I grew up with the TV show Full House and the Tanner family. It is a great family show that showcases family issues and the love of a family. It does have some comedy segments and they made me laugh. Joey is a character that makes everyone laugh, whereas Jesse is the musician. I...
Katy Keene

1 review

This show is quite honestly the cutest storyline, and the greatest values. It leaves every episode having the characters build on themselves, and reflect on something of value. I love that each of the characters are working towards their own success, and never give up. Seems to...
Disney's Up

34 reviews

A great family movie that always touches my heart and makes me tear up a little. No spoilers here so all I can say is that its good for all ages and I definitely recommend it.

33 reviews

Best comedy around. I’m constantly watching reruns on tv and on crave. It’s super funny, and has a lot of nostalgia. I’ve probably watched the entire series 5 times around and it never gets old. Super funny and relatable.

19 reviews

Not many movies will make my daughter sit still long enough to watch the full thing, but Matilda grabbed her attention from the very start. She loves all the magic and mystery of it, and enjoys singing along too

1 review

Definitely an interesting tv show. It takes a different direction than the comic books you are used to reading growing up. I do enjoy the mystery behind it, and the different storylines they put the characters through. Often the storylines can get a little far fetched, and yes...
Sons of Anarchy TV Series

26 reviews

It is hard not find yourself fall in love with this show. It is fast paced and hard hitting. Charlie Hunnam leads a steller performance. From the very beginning to the very end. Its a show that takes you on and journey. Emotionally and leaves a lasting impact. If your a SOA fan...