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Emerald Hair Plus and Tanning Two Reviews - Regina
    Address: 62C Great Plains Rd
    Regina, Saskatchewan S4L1C3
    Phone: 306-781-7444

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 27, 2009

    Staff are friendly, courteous and go out of their way to assist you. Cindy, Amy and Hayley keep up the good work.

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    April 08, 2009

    Rude staff. Abysmal (or complete lack of) understanding of the concept of customer service.

    We were in there March 14, 2009 and, even though we booked appointments for tanning (one in a bed, one in a stand-up booth) like we have been doing for weeks, there was absolutely no mention of the fact they were relocating. When we showed up for our appointment on March 21 (on time), we saw a notice on the door indicating they had moved. By the time we arrived at the new location we were probably 2-3 minutes late for our appointments, and were advised the bed was unavailable as it was not properly hooked up yet. They offered to "upgrade" one of us to the booth, meaning we had to go one after the other, not at the same time as booked. My wife went first and, When she was out we were advised I could go ahead, but if the people with the appointment following us arrived they would shut the booth off and cut my tan short!!

    The young woman we were dealing with (“Amy”)was rude, defensive, and not interested in doing anything other than sticking to her original position. There was no reasoning with her - she'd rather cut a tan short for someone who was already in the booth than ask the next person to wait a few minutes. She said they were trying to fit in all their appointments for one bed and one booth into the booth - by so doing they are inconveniencing their customers in the process. She commented they were "doing us a favour" by not cancelling our appointment for the bed, and giving my wife a free "upgrade" to the booth. The underlying assumption in that, of course, is that my wife would interpret the change from a bed to a booth as an upgrade - which she does not. The young woman also indicated the fact their bed was not available "was not their fault" because their electrician quit. Uh, wrong - they made a decision to relocate, and their inability to deliver on a committed appoint is entirely their fault. They're trying to make it a customer problem, not accepting responsibility for their decisions and the resultant inability to deliver on their commitments.

    We asked to speak to the proprietor, but were told "Cindy" only comes in Friday afternoons, was not currently available, and they wouldn't give us her phone number or her full name so we could contact her. After giving the staff our phone number so Cindy could call us, it became evident they had no intention of calling her to pass on the message - they were prepared to leave this until Friday when she shows up - that's 6 days from now!

    Update: When I called Emerald Hair Plus and Tanning Two to advise them I was posting reviews on Web sites, blogs, etc., they didn't take the news well - they hung up on me. Still waiting for a call from Cindy...

    Further update: I never did receive a call from Cindy. I phoned on Friday, March 27, and spoke to her. While Cindy was aware of the “incident” which occurred the previous Saturday, it was obvious Amy never bothered to give Cindy all the details – not the least of which was the main issue about cutting my tan short if the next customer arrived before I was finished. It was also obvious Cindy didn't believe my version of what happened, even though I suggested she could validate that by speaking to the other employee present at the time (“Haley”).

    Cindy cut me off short on more than one occasion while I speaking to her, preferring instead to try and fill me on the details of her problems (e.g. She was moving that week, they had problems with the timer on the bed, the electrician that quit, etc.). Based upon our interactions with Amy and Cindy, it appears Amy learned her lack of customer service from her boss...

    I would recommend any and all prospective customers not do any business with Emerald Hair Plus And Tanning Two until such time as they address their customer service issues. Based upon my personal experience, it will take a change in ownership to make that happen.

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