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Extension Method Reviews - Toronto


The Extension Method is an innovative program of physical conditioning and rehabilitative techniques based on the fundamentals of classical ballet. Created by Jennifer Nichols, professional dancer and fitness specialist, the Extension Method combines classical ballet technique with contemporary athletic conditioning and is designed to impart the strength, posture, ease of movement and sculpted physique of a dancer.

    Address: 530 Richmond Street West, 4th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    Phone: 647.352.7041

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    Quality of Staff

    The Facility

    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    October 16, 2014

    Absolutely the worst place I've ever walked in!
    Customer Service does not exist in this place. We received the most rude treatment (by the owner) walking in the studio as first timers.

    My friend and I bought their groupon. It was a long commute over and was told we cannot redeem the groupon for the evening's class.

    Their reasoning: it's a longer class that's apparently not the same value. There is nothing on the groupon that specify what classes cannot be redeemed. all it says is "valid for all regular classes". and the owner looked at us as if we are idiots. If we have never been to this place and there are no sufficient info describing what is what, how are we suppose to know this particular class is not a regular class? their website has tons of false info and not helpful. I did try to contact by email, facebook and phone numerous time to ask for more info before hand. No reply, for weeks and never got a reply.

    The front desk employee was side by side with the owner and the employee was more human and expressed sympathy. I understand there is nothing she can do so I thanked her for her efforts. The Owner treated us terribly (you 're an idiot that you don't know the details of how our company even though it's your first time and we don't provide the damn info anywhere visible). If this is how she treats her customers, I cannot imagine how she would treat her employees. I refuse to support such an organization. I still cannot believe a dancer from Opera Atelier can have such manners.

    At the end, we walked away without any options.
    My friend is a visitor from Japan and we are dealing with Groupon to get our money back. Not a positive experience of Toronto/Canada.

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    Quality of Staff

    The Facility

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 23, 2011

    I have taken all of the classes here from yoga to cardio, stretch and bootcamp ballet classes. The only one I haven't taken is the classical ballet method. I am by no means coordinated, but I didn't feel intimidated by the instructor or the more agile people in the class. There were a few at my level, and we got an amazing work out trying to keep up. Those who were better were sweating and huffing too, so it's one of those things that everyone gets something out of. I think this is because when you do other fitness classes the movements and they exercises are so different from what you do in these, that everyone is working their muscles in a new way. If you're in a fitness funk and need to shock your body by doing something new, one of these will definitely do the trick.

    After taking the classes I felt like my core strength was so much better and my energy levels really perked up. When doing other sports I could feel that I was stronger and my body responded quicker. You know how the joke was that football players should do ballet? Well I totally get it now, you really do get so much out of these movements: strength, stretch, and cardio.

    All of the instructors are very nice and there are showers and change rooms on site as well.

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    Quality of Staff

    The Facility

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    February 18, 2011

    I tried the Allegro Ballet Bootcamp class last night and I had a ton of fun. The class was high energy cardio with a bit of weights and floor ab exercises, but everything was ballet inspired. Expect a LOT of plies (like squats), some jumping, lots of lunges, that sort of thing. We started the class with 30 straight minutes of cardio, so don't expect slow ballet moves!

    There were all kinds of people there, many who had never tried ballet before but the moves were basic enough for anyone to understand. I found that if you have some ballet training under your belt, you get to channel your inner ballerina by trying to do everything gracefully. This was honestly one of the most fun exercise classes I've ever taken and highly highly recommend it.

    One thing I must say is that the location is a bit sketchy. You have to walk down a little alley with all this graffitti to get to the door. I actually got to the door and considered turning around for a second, but braved the creepy entrance, climbed the stairs to the studio and was very glad I did. The room was very big and spacious and well-kept.

    Definitely try one of these classes.

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