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Kula Yoga Reviews - Toronto
    Address: 304 Brunswick Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 2M7
    Phone: 416.922.5852

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    Quality of Staff

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    October 30, 2009

    I went to Kula Yoga in the Annex for the first time last night. I found a great deal in NOW magazine for 30 days for $30. I’ve only been to a few yoga classes, so I’d definitely consider myself a beginner.

    My class was lead by Chantal who was fantastic. She had a great opening talk that was insightful and meaningful. Her calming voice and warm personality really made the class even better. She was always so positive and would help people without making you feel like you feel like a junior.

    The atmosphere is very friendly. Colin was at the front desk with Chantal and they were both really pleasant and efficient. The change rooms were clean, but a little small once the class let out. There were no lockers, which would have been nice for valuables.

    Overall, great experience and can’t wait to go back!

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    Quality of Staff

    The Facility

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    July 07, 2009

    Last night I was cooked or was it cooking?

    To put this into context I was taking a yoga class at Kula Yoga Studio in the Annex.

    All day I was on the fence about going to this yoga class with friends as I normally go to Pilates at Core Studio on Monday evening now. But in the end I decided that sometimes it is good to have some variety and try something new. So, off I went.

    Kula Yoga (not to be confused with Tula Yoga) is located in the heart of the Annex area of Toronto and is one the second floor of a building that looks like it houses a bakery and a bar. Strange. The studio itself was nice and clean and normally yoga pricing applied. I ended up buying the $20 ‘all you can handle introductory special’ (7 days of unlimited yoga).

    The flow class I took was 90 minutes and was taught by Colin who I believe is the director of the studio. He started the class of with the usual yoga babble of setting intentions for the class and making sure that you are not letting your mind wander to elsewhere, but to be here. Then he started talking about how we are always cooking or have something cooking inside of us. I think he kind of lost me at that point, but strangely enough I wasn’t overly irritated by all this yogi talk. Usually I am.

    The makeup of the class

    As always there were a lot of downward dogs and planks, but what I actually did enjoy was Colin’s encouragement of using props (blocks, straps) for those of us who were not quite there yet. For the first time I think I was actually in a somewhat proper forward bend. We also did a few out of the box things that were supposed to help open up the upper back (geared towards people like me that work at a computer all day) and also attempted a few handstands which I wasn’t too sure about. I admit I was afraid. Strange how when you are little you are always doing things like handstands and then as you get older you stop doing them?

    I walked away from this class feeling that it wasn’t the worst yoga experience, but it wasn’t my best either. But I do think this is a class that beginners/inflexible people could do.

    Studio surroundings were quite simple, but clean. My ultimate test - I do think I would consider showering there.

    Only real complaint - class went over by about 10 minutes causing me to miss more of my beloved Bachelorette.

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