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March 20, 2015

Also Sweatshirts, hoodies etc.. Cinch Bags

FROM NY - - has been my biggest nightmare re online shopping EVER in my whole life.

When you place an order, it is for a custom-made tshirt or sweatshirt that they produce only after receiving the order, adn the company collaborates with many amazing artists to create wearable art.

HOWEVER - it states processing and shipping will take 3-5 weeks, and on some orders you will get a custom dabber glass stick, or some other little treat.

I placed my order October 25, and it was not delivered to me until Dec.30 - almost 9 weeks from the fact, and only after I emailed them Numerous (I'm talking DOZENS) of times, and contacting them through their social medias, did they manage to find my order - they stated they lost it!
For a 70$ hoodie that is unacceptable. Further, they did NOT include the glass stick that was supposed to arrive with the order, and when I contacted them about that, they were INCREDIBLY RUDE ***hats and did not send it.

FROMNY is patronizing of its customers, does not have reliable customer service and thinks they are king ****, that they are doing YOU a favour - that is wrong and as consumers this is calling for a boycott. These were some of the rudest individuals I have ever dealt with; they obviously do not stand behind their products or the artists they collaborate with if they think they can screw around their customers this way.

I am not the first nor the last - 's scoial media accounts, instagram, facebook, are riddled with comments about their slack and awful service, rude responses and general lack of ethics for a company; it seems many people wait MONTHS for their gear to arrive.

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